Tell Me O Kkhuda (Film Review)


I wonder if the title of the film has been inspired by a soulful Kavitha Krishnamoorthy and Kumar Sanu number from Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Khamoshi.’ (Aaj mein upar asmaan niche…tell me o khuda, ab mein kya karoon)
Why can’t someone tell the ‘Dream Girl’ that hard earned money should not be wasted on films that will never be accepted by the audience? Yes, I am talking about Hema Malini’s second directorial venture ‘Tell me o Kkhuda’ in which she hopes to re-launch her daughter Esha Deol.
If I remember correctly, Esha Deol started her film career way back in 2002 with a film called ‘Koi Mere Dil se Puchhe.’ Needless to say, the film vanished from the silver screens but Esha managed to get the ‘best debut’ award from Filmfare. There hasn’t been a single good film for this young lady, forget a hit. Critics will obviously agree that Dhoom was a hit and so was the title song for which Esha had worked out very hard in the gym for that perfect body that was required for the song. But nothing really worked.
So, Mommy dearest wanted to re-launch and what we got was a weird mixture, inspired, influenced, call- whatever- you- want- to kind of a film ‘Tell Me o Kkhuda.’ Well, this is a story that we have seen a couple of years back in Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried, Colin Firth and Pierce Brosnan starrer ‘Mamma Mia.’ In fact, the Indian audience has seen a very similar kind of a film from the same director, sometimes in early 1990s called ‘Dil Ashiana Hai, starring Divya Bharati and SRK. 
So, what’s new in this story? Absolutely nothing other than Papa Dharmendra in a cameo, some mind blowing cinematography is picturesque Turkey, Rajasthan and Goa.
It was heartbreaking for Tania (Esha Deol) to know that she was an adopted child and she now wants to embark on a journey in search of her biological dad. Quite aimlessly, I would say, because there wasn’t any planning or clue as to why she was going to far off places to do so. Good for the audience as we got to see some picturesque locales. But as I said earlier, those couldn’t save the film either. 
At first, it’s the Raja’s sthan, Rajasthan and the could-be-dad is none other than the yesteryear’s heartthrob Vinod Khanna. Gosh! He is still so handsome. I have a feel that some people actually came to see him on the screen after Dabaang. Anyways, let’s not drift away from the storytelling. Rajasthan is a state where female feticides are common and things do not work out well. The camel race scene could have been shot more maturely and had lot potential of being a grand shot, but both the director and the cinematographer failed miserably.


We obediently followed the camera and reached Turkey only to be introduced to a lady who lost her child 24 years back and still laments for it. Her husband, the glamorous hotelier a.k.a Rishi Kapoor could be the 2nd contender for the post of the biological father. 
Oh, before I forget the boyfriend (Arjan Bajwa)of our heroine and his friend Chandan Roy Sanyal, sorry guys, you must have given your best but as you can see from the BO reports, It's just not going to work. 
We are back to India and this time its carnival time, yes, you guessed it right, Its Goa and the 3rd and most possible candidate is none other than real life daddy dearest Dharmendra as the don. Uff, now it’s too much and I have no money left for a refill of pop corn and soda. So I decided to leave. Actually, by this time everyone in the theatre would leave because there is nothing in the film. No drama, no emotion, below standard acting and everything else that can sink a film without a trace. The only plus point in the film is to see Faroukh Sheikh and Deepti Naval together after many years. 
Direction is certainly poor; story line is not new and not even the music which sometimes saves a film. Bad luck for the cast and crew. Hopefully there will be no other film of this sort from the director.