The Twilight Saga-- Breaking Dawn


The motion picture based on Stephenie Meyer’s 4th and final novel 'Breaking Dawn' in the Twilight Saga series is all ready to set the silver screen on fire. Come 18th November 2011 and the world would witness hordes of cinegoers, majority of whom would definitely be teenagers & youngsters, swarming into the theatres to watch the film and more importantly the two most unusual kind of heroes battling it out for a simple ‘human’ girl. The heroes, a vampire and a werewolf…phew!! 

The first novel/film in the series ‘Twilight’ introduced mankind to the two young men and a lady... Edward Cullen, the dazzling vampire played by Robert Pattinson (also known as Cedric Diggory of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) Jacob Black, the handsome werewolf played by Taylor Lautner & Bella, the human girl, played by Kristen Stuart.

‘Twilight’ was an unusual kind of a love story between a human girl and a vampire boy. The tale was narrated very dramatically yet limiting the sensuousness of the affair. Smitten by the charming and the exceptionally good looking vampire, lots of teenagers, especially girls, quickly shifted base to the ‘Twilight’ camp from the world of Hogwarts, witchcraft & wizardry. But the film did not do justice to the story….which has now become a pattern and I guess it should not even be expected that a mind blowing novel can be made into a equally gripping film. Poor editing, poor screenplay, bad selection of heroine messed up things a bit even then the film was a hit...courtesy, the box office collections and the benevolent readers who ensured a dekko at the Vampire. 


‘New Moon’ had a different director and a very strong storyline too. It was written from the perspective of the ‘Werewolf’ hero Jacob Black and it was a well made film. The director could actually get the actual ‘nerve’ of the film and showed it perfectly as the story narrated the tale of Edward, Bella and Jacob. In this story, Edward realizes that his presence in Bella’s life would only harm her and decides to leave her, forever, leaving her all alone in the cold and dark world…with only his thoughts. As the book lover, a movie goer and a critic by my own choice, I was not happy with the choice of heroine and was a little skeptical about how well Kristen Stuart (Bella) could enact the feelings of emptiness and loneliness. Thankfully, she did well, especially the important moments in the story when Jacob Black, who till now was just Bella’s friend comes into her life and she grows closer to him only to forget Edward and starts using him to keep away the thoughts of Edward. 



Eclipse, the third in the series was good enough to keep the movie goer as well the book reader happy. The hatred and the rivalry between the two men in Bella’s life was shown well and even the fact that both had to cooperate with each other to save the girl was believable.

Following the footsteps of Warner Bros. and Harry Potter, Breaking Dawn will be shown in two parts and the first part hits the silver screens on Nov 18,             2011. The book is not really good and quite naturally there’s a fair chance of the film being made very well. In fact, the trailers are just mind blowing. Scenic locales in Brazil where ‘vampire’ Edward and Bella go for honeymoon and once again, the fight among the Vampires and the Werewolves relating to Bella’s pregnancy are the sensitive and important incidents and scenes that require matured handling. Edward is forced to convert Bella to a vampire to save her from the half human-half vampire child that she was going to give birth to. Since this is just part 1, what are left to be seen is how and where this part ends, how these twists and turns of the story are handled and the dramatic story is kept alive by a gripping screenplay. Let’s hope for the best!!