Interview: Gautam Susmit - The Noted Bengali, Hindi and South-Indian Film Songs Lyricist

By Mou Sanyal and Soumitra Talukdar

Video: Interview with noted Bollywood, Tollywood and South-Indian Film Songs Lyricist Goutam Sushmit

Noted Bollywood and Bengali Movie Lyricist GAUTAM SUSHMITCalcutta, November 1, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) The leading lyricist of Bengali Film Industry who has also worked with Bollywood , Oriya , South Indian (Chennai) and Bangladeshi film industries, Gautam Susmit talks to Mou Sanyal and Soumitra Talukdar (camera) in an intimate and exclusive video interview on behalf of Washington Bangla Radio.

When he was asked about the significance of his name, Gautam Susmit admits that it is merely a pen- name . His name is actually Gautam Bhattacharya. At an early age he dreamed of being a writer and wrote many small stories and poems . He is very fond of Rabindranath Tagore from a young age and imitated him by signing with date and place at the end of every writing.

Noted Bollywood and Bengali Movie Lyricist GAUTAM SUSHMITIn the early 1990s he went to Bombay (Mumbai) where he worked with an advertisement company. He came in contact with music director Tridib Roy Chowdhury who encouraged him to write songs and introduced Gautam as a lyricist in an album.

Meanwhile he was introduced to Mr Champak Jain, owner of Venus Records. He was given the job of translation of Hindi to Bengali songs. Within a year (1996) Gautam became the lyricist of nearly 22 albums (nearly 220 songs) to his credentials.

When Gautam Susmit was asked which movie would be the best according to him from his long movie list, he smiled and said that it was not the long list, but the quality of his work that should count as credentials.

His first film was Moner Manush as Bengali feature film. Most of the songs in it became hits at that time. The song "Porle Premer Jale" sung by Alka Yagnik was a big hit. After that were "Sasurbari Jindabad", "Pratibad" and "Sathi". The songs of "Saathi" became very popular. Then he worked with films like "Annadata", "Premi" , "Bandhan" , "Prem Amar" , "Amanush" , "Bolo Na Tumi Amar" , "Amar Sangi" , "Piriti Kathaler Atha" , "Priya Tumi" etc.

Gautam Susmit worked with almost hundred Music Directors all over India, including Babul Bose, Bappi Lahiri , Ashoke Bhadra, Jeet Ganguly , Imon Saha from Kolkata, and Himesh Reshammiya , Anand Milind , Jatin Lalit , Usha Khanna from Mumbai and S. P Venkatesh from Chennai, Subesh Modia from Tamil Nadu, Swarup Nayak from Orissa, Imon from Bangladesh and so on.

He worked with almost every Director from Kolkata. Director Sujit Guha gave Gautam Susmit his first stepping stone in the field of Bengali Film Industry as a Lyricist in the Film "Moner Manush". He has worked with the director’s like Prabhat Roy, Haranath Chakraborty, Sudip Mondol, Raj Mukherjee, Ravi Kinagi etc.. He also worked with Prakash Mehra in Mumbai Film Industry.

His opinion about reality shows is that so many new comers are coming resulting in a huge publicity of them by the specific channel, but after a year or two they are going nowhere. The original singers who are singing for films exit and singing their hit film songs. In his opinion it’s a business of the channel only .The T.V. channels are taking advantage by contracting the winners with big number of shows and by obtaining huge amount of money out of it .It is just like a product selling .The singers are passing through a sophisticated grooming where they are trained with cat-walking like a model . They are trained with hair style, dresses and dancing. And they are also made to sing in a high-pitch whether they are comfortable in it or not. Thus he said, they do not become complete singers .They are only copy singers for their shows. They do not have their own identity.

Gautam Susmit has written songs for about one hundred and sixty five films and counting. There are about twenty two films now in his hand.

Here is wishing the noted lyricist an even more spectacular future from Washington Bangla Radio.

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