Goldcrest High Indian School hosts “Parents Know Best” seminar for parents

Mumbai, November 27, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / openPR) Goldcrest High, a reputed school in Vashi, Navi Mumbai held its annual event “Parents Know Best” on Saturday, 27th November, 2010. The event was aimed at providing insights to parents on holistic growth of a child. Experts from various fields spoke on issues relating to child development. Topics included physical, psychological, social and cultural development of a child.

Mrs Anjana Roy, Principal, Goldcrest High said, “We believe in the philosophy of holistic growth. We also believe that parents and the school are partners in the development of the child. Just as we provide continuous training to our teachers in the best practices for the holistic development of our students, we believe that parents too feel the need to get assistance from experts. We have thus evolved “Parents Know Best” as a platform where parents get access to experts who can help them with a greater understanding of child development. This is our contribution to the community and to parents.”

Said a parent who attended, - “I have been reading on the net, and books. However, the understanding that comes when an expert talks to you and answers your queries is on a completely different level. ‘Parents Know Best’ gave me that opportunity. I feel that I am contributing towards my child’s development.”

“I am a busy person”, said another parent. “I am also very concerned with the all round development of my children. Being able to attend this seminar has made me better understand my children and their issues. ” He added “In Navi Mumbai, this is an event that we now look forward to.”

In her talks Ms. Naaznin Husein (Indian Dietetic Association) said “Like every building needs a strong foundation, early childhood nutrition lays a strong foundation for a healthy individual in the years to come.”

Ms. Uma Singhania (Yoga Institute) explained the important role that yoga plays in helping parents. She said, “Parents play an important role in a child’s life. Their habits and characteristics are imbibed by the child as they grow. Yoga’s role in parenting is that, it helps the parents to become a model for their children by inculcating those good habits which they want their child to inculcate.”

Mrs. Kalpana Gopinathan (Nrityanjali) explaining the importance of the arts said, “Personality development of an individual can be uplifted through performing arts.”

Mrs. Sangeeta Kamath (a renowned, psychologist) said, “Look at the strength of the child and not only the weakness and see how the child blooms like a flower. The development of child is greatly influenced by the parenting and the atmosphere that the child is exposed to.”

“Parents Know Best” is an annual event being organised by Goldcrest High, a reputed school in Navi Mumbai. The objective of the event is to enable parents to have access to experts from across various fields, get insights into child development and understand how to help their children grow holistically.

The event is organised by the school as part of its Community initiatives. The attendance to the seminars is free for parents. Parents from across Navi Mumbai and Chembur attended the event.

- openPR