Prince William and Kate Middleton will Marry Friday April 29th 2011 Hopefully Continuing the Rare Welsh Clogau Gold Wedding Ring

London, UK, November 26, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRWEB) News that Kate Middleton and Prince William are as expected overjoyed that the date and venue are now public and they can begin to plan the day. They are keen to plan the wedding as a couple as much as possible yet due to the scale of the day this is only feasible to such an extent. Rumours are also speculated that Prince Harry is already teasing Prince William and Kate Middleton of an excessive stag night / weekend, although based on Prince Williams more refined nature this is likely to be toned down.

Still undisclosed are the couple’s wedding rings and whether or not they shall contain Clogau Welsh Gold yet as the couple have chosen to keep tradition alive in the selection of the venue Westminster Abbey and the choosing of Kate Middleton’s engagement rings that was once worn by Prince William mother Lady Diana the Princess of Wales; continuing the tradition with the happy couple wearing Clogau Gold wedding rings would not come at any great surprise.

Managing Director of Clogau Gold jewellery Mr Ben Roberts, son of Clogau Gold’s founder Mr Bill Roberts said: “We are in communication with the palace although we can’t confirm that the tradition shall continue at this stage.” Clogau Gold Jewellery gifted a large amount of Welsh Clogau Gold to The Royal Family and they are expected to still hold an amount due to very few Royal Wedding from that time the likelihood of the rare Welsh gold still being held is high, yet Mr Ben Roberts has also indicated that if for any unforeseen reason that it is not available they are able to assist in keeping the tradition that dates back to 1923.

Prince William and Kate Middleton shall make North Wales their home as Prince Williams service within the RAF search and rescue team based in Anglesey shall continue for a further three years, making an idyllic surrounding for the soon to be newlyweds. This again appears to follow a surprisingly coincidental pattern and it almost seems a Clogau Welsh wedding ring is forthcoming as this would be a fitting reminder of not only a historical Royal connection yet also a subtle reminder of their first years as a married couple, living not far from the Clogau Gold mine and the Clogau jewellery Office also based in North Wales.    

Clogau Gold wish all the best for Kate Middleton and Prince William in whatever they choose and are sure the couple shall have a long and happy marriage together. Yet obviously Prince William and Kate Middleton are not the only couple that shall wed in 2011 and Clogau Gold have created a wide range of jewellery with several unique collections from Am Byth, Cariad and a wide selection of Wedding rings encapsulating the Royal connection as each item of Clogau Gold Jewellery contains the same rare Welsh gold that could be held in the forthcoming Royal Wedding making each piece that much more precious. For the full range of Clogau Gold Jewellery please visit