Kichu Songlap Kichu Prolap (1999) Leftist Bengali Movie Released Free Online via Rajshri Bangla Video-On-Demand

Kichu Songlap Kichu Prolap Communist Movie PosterCalcutta, Nov 29, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Film-maker Ashoke Viswanathan directed the 1999 National Award Winning Kolkata Bengali movie Kichu Sanglap Kichu Prolap based on his perception of evils of capitalism, generally giving the movie communist overtones.

The film will probably appeal to believers in communism and the intellectuals of Kolkata. Venerable institutions like the World Bank and International Monetary Fund are clearly demonized, and capitalism criticized and not so obliquely either. 

The legendary Goutam Chattopadhyay (of Mohiner Ghoraguli fame) is the music director of the film and appears in a short role - even if you were not told this, his unmistakable music is immediately identifiable. Ashok Biswanathan appears as the narrator character of Arup,  Sanjiban Guha as Newton and the beautiful and powerful actress Nandini Ghoshal as Ananya.

Watch the full Bengali feature-film Kichu Songlap Kichu Prolap with English Subtitles online free via Rajshri Bangla - it will probably evoke a strong response from you, either positive or negative, depending on your belief-system.