Announcing upcoming natok MEGH by Utpal Dutta - A Bengali Psychological Thriller Radio Drama

Following the fabulously encouraging response to our first two drama productions KONKAL and PROTHOM PARTHO, we are pleased to announce our third Bengali Radio Drama (Bangla Natok) produced by Shukti International and coming up on Washington Bangla Radio.

DVD Cover of Bengali Movie MEGH (1961) written and directed by Utpal DuttaSHUKTI ANTORJATIK SHILPI GOSHTHI : PROJECT 3 : MEGH


MEGH is a psychological thriller, written by the famous dramatist Sri Utpal Dutta.

The story is about a popular novelist Samaresh Sanyal, who suddenly started suffering from mental depression and the doctor diagnosed it as schizophrenia.

Madhuri, who was a big admirer of Samaresh and subsequently became his wife, acted as a guardian and nurse and gradually led him towards the path of recovery. During this period Samaresh engaged himself in writing thriller, crime and murder mysteries. All through this period of time he was mentally supported not only by his wife but also by the doctor, who is an old family friend.

At this juncture, when everyone was expecting Samaresh to come back to his normal life, Sujata, who was an ex-girl friend of Samaresh during his college days, came back to his life and tried to blackmail him and create further problems in the Sanyal family.

The “Megh” (cloud) of frustration, confusion, blackmailing, crime, murder, started covering the mind of still-not-fully recovered Samaresh and he struggles to clear the clouds away in order to salvage his pride, his family and to come out winner.


Samaresh Sanyal - Sri Arnab Roy Choudhury

Madhuri Sanyal - Smt Aditi Gupta

Sujata Sen – Samaresh’s ex-girl friend - Smt Suchishmita Bagchi Sen

Doctor – Family friend - Sri Subho Bosu

Tarapada Bandopadhyay – neighbor - Sri Dipankar Gangopadhyay

Pranab Bandopadhyay – Tarapada’s son - Sri Arijit Chakraborty

Jatin Nandi – Police Inspector - Sri Jayanta Mukhopadhyay

Directed by : Sri Arnab Roy Choudhury

Utpal Dutta himself directed the Bengali film Megh based on this story of his in 1961. One of four movies - the others are Baisakhi Megh (1981), Jhor (1982) and Ma (1983) directed by the legendary multi-talented personality, Megh (Bengali, 1961) starred  Utpal Dutt, Anil Chatterjee, Sova Sen, Jahar Ray, Robi Ghosh, Gyanesh Mukherjee, Satya Bannerjee, Tarun Kumar, Nirmal Ghosh and others. The DVD is available online - click here to order.

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