Interview: Punjabi Movie Singer-Actress MANNAT (Sukhi) Loves Sridevi Films

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TERE ISHQ NACHAYA Punjabi Bollywood Movie Poster-WallpaperMumbai, Nov 17, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / prlog) Mannat a renowned Punjabi Actress and singer will soon be seen in Movie “Tere Ishq Nachaya”, she is popularly known as Sukhi all over Punjab and abroad for her Acting and Singing. This movie was a dream project of Mannat, as she worked hard for 2 years. And it is also special because her co-Actor is Dakssh Ajit Singh which is her partner not only in Reel life but in Real life also.

She started her career with theatre and then did some videos for music albums which gave her utmost popularity. As per her Dad wish she wanted to be a professor but destiny had something else for her and now you can see where she is. When asked about her career journey she replied, “I have done theatre in Delhi and Punjab for many years and then did number of videos, Sung Punjabi folk songs and now a movie.”

When questioned how was your experience of the movie she answered, “I liked the professionalism of my co-stars Deep Dhillon, Amar noorie and Kawaljeet, everyone was sweet it was like family we enjoyed a lot.”

What is your role in the movie, Mannat replied, “It’s a story about a girl who is like a kid though she is a youth, she doesn’t know the responsibility and sensitivity of a girl about love and then some incident occurs in her life which changes everything.”

Asked about her experience with Director Ravinder ravi Maanat said, “I know Ravinder before this movie and saw his movie too, he is so calm and flexible. He is not strict and very few Directors are like him and our producer Kesar singh was also supportive never had any issue with anything.”

Movie is a love triangle so are you comfortable with both Mannat whispered, “I know Dakssh from many years and Gavie is also my friend, it was very comfortable and whole shot was enjoyable.”

When asked about Dakssh and her chemistry onscreen and off screen she smiled and answered, “I know Dakssh from last 5years so it was very comfortable and sometime weird shooting with him but we enjoyed and off-screen he is supportive, humble, fun loving and I learnt from him how to live life happily.”

What you do in spare time Mannat said, “I go to gym, do yoga and watch movie, especially of sridevi.”

- prlog