First Look At Kaalo (2010) - India's first creature based daytime horror film: Who Says Horror Lives In The Dark ?

Kaalo Bollywood Hindi Horror Movie Poster

Calcutta, Nov 14, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Kaalo is a live action - animation day horror film the likes of which Indian cinema has not produced before - India's first creature based horror film.

Kaalo: Theatrical Trailer

The film revolves around a deadly witch attacking a bus in the deserts of Rajasthan for the killing of a young played by Shwini Khare. The film star cast includes Aditya Shrivastav, Panitalji, Sheela David, Raj Arjun, Aditya Lakhiya, Abhijit satham, Madhurima, Tripta and Hemant Pandey among others.

The film claims to be inspired by a true incident of a witch murdering a 12-year old little girl in the remote deserts of western India. The film also claims to be the world's first daytime horror movie.

Kaalo is written and directed by Wilson Louis and produced by Beyond Dreams.

Kaalo has a release date in January 2011.

Wilson Louis has previously made the Hindi supernatural creature / horror film Mallika (2010) that introduced the fabulously hot and sexy Sheena Nayar. Others in the star cast of Mallika are Sameer Dattani, Mamik, Suresh Menon, Himanshu Malik, Rajesh Khera and more.

For more information, visit Wilson Louis' web-site.