DVD Review: Tina and the Magical Alphabets Children's Learning Films From Shemaroo Entertainment

Tina and the Magical Letters DVD - An fun way to learn A B C

Mumbai, 12 Nov 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Learning becomes much easier when you love what you are learning. An innovative way and a new perspective are important to add fun to the lessons and make it tempting bait for the learner.

Shemaroo Entertainment releases Tina and the Magical Alphabet on DVDs to make your child’s lessons into irresistible fun.  The DVDs introduce children to the world of magical alphabet in a fun way, while at the same time feed their innocent brains with the basics of the language.

Tina and the Magical Alphabet, is a 3 DVD pack, that follows the adventures of a five-year-old girl named Tina. She is an imaginative, intelligent and helpful child. Tina lives with her Grandma and enjoys visiting her friends in Pixieland, a magical place. Her Pixie friends Judy, Olly, Peter, Bill, Belinda and Bob are always looking forward to seeing her. The Magical Alphabet help create the objects required by Tina and her friends.  The objective of this series is to teach young children how to spell in an interesting and fun-filled way and to encourage creative thinking. Children watching this series will learn how putting alphabet together or even taking alphabet away from existing words can create new words. The attractive 3 DVDs Pack comes with two free Jigsaw puzzles for children to practice words and help them grow sharper. The product is a new concept designed specially for children in the age group of four to seven years. It also makes for an innovative gifting idea as well.

Hiren Gada, Director, Shemaroo Entertainment, shares his thoughts on the release “Tina and the Magical Alphabet is an intelligent mix of fun and learning. It is an innovative style to introduce children to the world of alphabet.”

Tina and the Magical Alphabet, is a 3 DVD pack, economically priced at ` 495/- only.

Take your children to the fun land of Alphabet !

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