Kiesha Brown Will Shock Fans With New Endeavor in Modeling and Fashion Design

New York, NY, November 05, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / 1888PressRelease)  The Tulsa Shock's Guard, Kiesha Brown is venturing into the world of modeling and fashion design. Aside from gaining attention from her ability to score points, it is Ms. Brown's physique and persona that has had the fashion industry buzzing.

After spending nine consecutive years during her time off from the WNBA in Zaragoza, Spain, Ms. Brown has been inspired by European fashion to develop her own line. She has since met with the Vice President of Fashion Merchandising of GSEA Peru, Juliette Laracuente who says, "With Kiesha's presence and strong fashion sense, she would represent any brand with class and sophistication while putting her own line together."

Along with her passion for fashion, Ms. Brown spends much of her time working with her foundation: "Change the Cycle" a program teaching financial literacy to at-risk teens, adults and minorities.

 - 1888PressRelease