Saudi Arabia's First Luxury Modern Traditional Fashion Store Le Mode d' Arabie

Saudia Arabia, Nov 10, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / 1888pressrelease) Luxury fashion Stores Business expert Masood Shah said "We are launching soon the first new modern traditional fashion concept stores Le Mode d'Arabie in Saudi Arabia.

This will opening the new doors for many customers for buying all their favorite designers collection under one roof instead of visiting different countries or spending a lot of time on the net shopping " Le Mode d' Arabie Chief Executive Masood Shah said.

Expecting 50 well-known Luxury traditional Fashion Designers from different part of the world , UAE, Bahrain, Jordan ,Oman , Lebanon , Qatar, Kuwait , France , UK, Morocco, Syria and Lebanon will be soon showcasing their exclusive collection in the Le Mode d' Arabie stores.

The stores which will be have the cocktail of the luxury collection of Traditional designers and will provide the high valued services to all their consumers, Le Mode d' Arabie Chief Executive Masood Shah is aiming to reach 20 more stores in other parts of the world and reach for the each customers with this new concept stores with presenting unique designers collections with high valued services.

- 1888pressrelease