TARA (2010) Bangla Film By Bratya Basu Is A Fair Effort At Telling "Their" Story - Bengali Movie Review

Tollywood Hero Actor PROSENJIT CHATTERJEE in TARA Bangla Movie
Prosenjit Chatterjee in TARA (2010) Bangla Movie

Bratya Basu,  a noted playwright and drama director introduced himself as a film director a few years back with RAASTA (BUY Bengali Movie DVD), starring a lesser known Amitabh Bhattacharya and our very own Mithun Chakraborty, along with Rajatava Dutta in a negative role which did not do very well at the box-office though the film showed promise in bringing up issues which are very much relevant with the society here today.

Bratya Basu's next film was a Debasree Roy starrer - TEESTA (BUY DVD)which also proved that Bratya is here to 'communicate' through the language of film. When a playwright/director turns a film director the most notable thing about him is the crispness in the script which is evident in every film that Bratya directed.

TARA his latest directorial venture with Prasenjit in the lead role along with Paoli Dam and Tota Roychoudhuri is a film which handles the subject of "Maobadi" (the violent Maoist movement in India), and the eternal flame of their aim along with Police business quite well.

Prasenjit seems to surprise us with his every new film, where he is very intelligently breaking his typical commercial Bengali Film hero image to come forth as a real actor who can handle "Sob Choritro Kalponik" to "Tara" with equal ease. I am awaiting the release of Prasenjit's "MONER MANUSH", directed by Goutam Ghose. In TARA, Tota Roy Choudhuri as the Police officer is wonderful.

The story however is not much to talk about, a very predictible Maobadi movement story, their aims and as a result the Law looking for them to hunt them down,and we also have with us a different breed of Police official whose hands are tied with protocols and bookish rules etc.

The script is racy and meaningful but Paoli Dam disappoints in a few scenes with her over the board acting and over-dramatization. Though all in all, this movie comes off as a fair attempt at storytelling, with Bratya Basu the director, doing his job quite competently and giving us a film to think about even after we leave the cinema house.

 Cinematography, Editing and Art Direction is fair enough and the dialogues are quite punchy. The bearded look of Prasenjit matches his character and he carries himself quite well.