Free Online Bengali-English Magazine DIYALA launched - A Kochisamsad Publication

Online Bengali Childrens Magazine Diyala

Germantown, Maryland, Nov 8, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) DIYALA ( is a newly launched Bengali-English bilingual online magazine from Kochisamsad. Though the magazine focuses on children below 16, youngsters as well as grown-ups should find it equally appealing.

DIYALA webzine is a part of Kochisamsad which is bilingual (English and Bengali) and for the under 16 age group. The main motto of the publishers is to connect the schoolchildren worldwide through this webzine and to provide them with some quality reading material. An interesting aspect of DIYALA which derives from it's online nature is the magazine's web-site also servers as a platform for students, parents and teachers to interact online at the Diyala blog on different topics as a part of the Kochisamsad website.

Kochisamsad are involved in diverse social and literary activities, including The Mukti-Kochiknacha Book Bank Project, art workshops, pottery workshops, theater workshops, cooking-health food workshops for mothers, sit and draw and so on, where children under 16 are involved.

Diyala and Kochisamsad are created by Ananya Banerjee and her brother Sanjib Sikder. Ananya is a teacher with about 16 years of continuous teaching experience in reputed schools, presently attached with DPS, Ruby Park, Kolkata. Sanjib Sikder is an IIT Mumbai Research Scholar who is the designer of their web-site.

Ananya and Sanjib are currently the joint editors of Diyala. Their future plan is to come up with an advisory panel as Diyala grows, consisting of teachers, doctors, child psychologists, eminent writers and well wishers. DIYALA in print edition from a good publication house is also envisioned.

Check out DIYALA and Kochisamsad at

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