Interview - Tapasi Roy Chowdhury - Renowned Bengali Actress, Singer, Director and Producer

By Subhomoy Mukherjee
WBRi Kolkata Special Correspondent

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CALCUTTA, Nov 4, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Tapashi Roy Choudhury was born and brought up in the environment of theater and singing. She has started to act and to take training in singing from her child hood. She was continuing both her educational and acting career (in theater) simultaneously till her marriage.

Actress Paoli Dam releases album Palte Gelo Din Sheddho Bhaate Kerosene by Tapasi Roy Chowdhury

After marriage, she had shifted her base abroad. At the time of living in different countries of the World, she was feeling her thirst towards acting in theater again.

When she was living with her sons and husband at Thailand, she decided to come Kolkata to act at least in one theater for one day.

In 1990s she has come Kolkata temporarily to act in Bijon theatre. But that acting has changed the direction of her life entirely.

After seeing her acting many directors of Tollywood has approached her that time to act in Television and in films but she has refused those offers for taking care of her children.

One day, Makhanlal Nattyo of popular Jatra House "Nattyo Company" had approached her with a strong script to start career as a heroine of jatra. She was not very keen to join jatra that time so she has demanded unthinkable facilities and remuneration with respect to that time to avoid the offer. But Makhanlal had accepted all her demands. Then she decided to start her Jatra career.

Afterwards she had been approached to act in popular television soap Trishna at a very strong character of woman protagonist. At the same time, one production house had liked her story Suryakanya and there she has started her film career with Suryakanya based on story written by herself.

With the popularity of Trishna and Suryakanya, she never looked back and has established herself as a strong actress in Bengali Movies.

After spending some years in Kolkata Bangla Cinema, she has again decided to pursue her career in Jatra, this time as director, producer and actress.

Right now, at the time of continuing her career as an actress in Jatra and filmdom, she is exploring her childhood love of singing too and her debut album as singer “Palte Gyalo Din – Seddho bhaate Kerosene” has just been released by Washington Bangla Radio partners Purple Music.

Her bold voice is a advantage for her as a singer and she has sang some of the songs in the album with strong command. Since the album is becoming very popular, she is thinking about releasing new albums on Jatra songs and Rabindrasangeet.

We wish all the best for her singing and acting career.