Travel Vacations In Kolkata and India

Kolkata, West Bengal, India, Republic of, October 29, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / Kolkata is the city of culture and festival. It is also the city of palaces and a favourite one for the travelers from all over the world. People love to visit this place time to time due to its extraordinariness. Travel Vacations in kolkata promise to give different flavours of the same place. British made the place as their favourite one and they made it the capital of the country for a long period. The city still possesses the ethnicity and the sophistication of the old culture. The best Kolkata Travel Guide can make your vacation a little more attractive. They can give you the charm of visiting the various places with the background story. Kolkata is a very ancient city and you can find an interesting story behind any place while you are visiting. This enhances the pleasure of traveling increasing the interest. Even you can get the access of such stories while you are surfing with the India Travel Information. The best tourist guide can make you’re the visit more interesting by a planning through the contrast between and the ancient culture and tradition of North Kolkata and the modern western look of the South Kolkata. The fragrance of North Kolkata can bring you back to time of kings and their reigns whereas the South Kolkata can give the charm of western look and lifestyle in dazzling shopping malls.

The best part of any vacation in Kolkata for the unknown tourists is that they can have the access of Exotic Resorts in kolkata to stay during their vacation. The attraction of the tour enhances more with the comfort ability of your stay and the satisfaction with the hospitality. In this regard the city never gives any chance to complain. It takes a very good care of its guests each and every time. To know more about the resorts and any other factors about this city you can just click on This is the hub of any kind of information about Kolkata. You can plan your trip to this city having a look over this. You can get enough idea if you do not have such knowledge about Kolkata.