Watch Indian TV channels for half of the already nominal annual subscriptions - Diwali special one week only

This Diwali Watch Live Indian TV Channels Online

Germantown, Maryland, Nov 3, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) The popular WBRi affiliate online live Television service providers have announced and exclusive 7 Days Diwali Sale on Watchindia.TV - 50% OFF on All Yearly Subscriptions.

Diwali, the five day Festival of Lights, is an official holiday which carries the most significant spiritual meaning for most Hindus and Indians. Thousands of traditional clay lamps are lit in houses all over the country to celebrate the victory of good over evil. During Diwali people decorate their homes and share gifts and sweets with family and friends.

Watchindia.TV currently offers 50% discount on all yearly Subscriptions including all new Mega packs: Mega Hindi, Mega Marathi, Mega Bangla, Mega Tamil and more. This is a limited offer - Watchindia.TV Diwali sale will last only for 7 days until Nov 9th.

To enjoy this exclusive proposal at half price and watch your  favorite Indian TV channels live and on demand all year long subscribers will need to use special promo code while competing the Sign Up form: “Diwali10”. Please note that the promo code is case sensitive.

As an added bonus, during the days of sale Watchindia.TV will broadcast some of India’s top special shows for FREE on "What's on TV" section. The broadcast will include 9 VODs and live streaming of Times Now. Visit Watchindia.TV website to find out further details.

Furthermore, wireless TV box will bring virtually any program to subscriber's TV for only $99.99. All Indian TV channels are ready to broadcast live and on demand in English, Hindi and other regional languages. Watchindia.TV focuses exclusively on content suitable for Indians residing in the country and in Diaspora.

For the limited time of one week only, Indian TV show lovers can click here and enter coupon code “Diwali10” to sign up.

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