Tampa, Florida Documentary Film inGREEDients (2010) Movie about diet and disease goes global

Land O Lakes, FL, November 1, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRWEB) It certainly was not an overnight success but a tremendous success nonetheless. The independent documentary inGREEDients is a film about diet and disease that is being praised for the entertaining delivery of its important educational message.

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The project was started by two guys on a mission to make a festival quality film about trans fat. Now three and a half years later they have done the impossible for first time filmmakers. They made a movie that will be seen on an international scale. InGREEDients will be shown via satellite and pay per view in over 70 countries, on 6 different continents and in 2 different languages. This is a big deal because most independent films are never seen by anyone.

Writer-director David Burton, a registered nurse who works in a hospital near Tampa and writer-producer J. Thomas Wenzel III, spent 2 years making the movie. The final cut of the film is a 60-minute documentary that unravels the trans fat / partially hydrogenated oil mystery and illustrates an alarming connection between diet and disease. Last year inGREEDients won several awards during its tour of the 2009 film festival circuit.   

In an effort to spread their message of prevention, healthy eating habits and reading food labels, the inGREEDients team developed a community outreach program. The program has allowed the filmmakers to donate hundreds of copies of the movie and organize dozens of screenings in schools, libraries, and churches.

When recently asked in an interview, what has been the best part of the experience, director David Burton said, “The most rewarding part of the entire process has been talking to the kids in schools, teaching them healthy eating habits at an early age is the best thing we can do for the health care crisis in America.”