Classic Old Movies Launched at Online TV Network

Watch THE LUCY SHOW Online

Canton, Michigan, Nov 1, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / prurgent) The best has finally arrived. Check out yourself: online TV Network has finally launched a new section in which you’re able to watch old classical movies. This is especially for old movie lovers, for those people who love watching classic romance and drama.

One of the very famous movies, ‘The Little Princess’, which was directed by Walter Lang with a cast of Richard Green, Shirley Temple, Ian Hunter, Anita Louise, Sybil Jason, Arthur Treacher and Cesar Romeo, will take you to the memories of your childhood. I remember watching this with my grandmother, sitting on her laps.

Beside movies, they even show classic shows like, The Lucy Show. Oh! How can anyone forget about Lucy! This was one show that could actually make people laugh. Be it young or the old. Be it a jolly natured person or a sad person. Bet it you have been in a happy atmosphere or in a sad and upsetting atmosphere. Lucy show has been famous worldwide and just imagine, now you will be able to watch it online.

Another classic which was released way back in 1952, ‘Life with Elizabeth’ staring Betty White was also very famous and popular at that era of shows. The show has three episodes which are accessible to its members.

Many of the other most popular ones that you can easily watch are, ‘Royal Wedding’, ‘The Duke is Tops’, ‘Boogie Woogie Dream’ and ‘The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet’. What could have anyone who is a classical lover would ask for. These have been very popular and are still loved by millions or people.

To watch the movies episodes, you can log on to but register yourself first on for free. Once registered you will start getting updates about the movies they are showcasing and the movies which they will be showcasing in future. The clarity again is really good but it depends on what speed you have, be it at your home or at your office. There is one thing that I should remind you that you cannot watch the movie in one go. The movies are basically cut into some parts and shown the way you watch web episodes. You could also access these movies making use of your mobile phone, depending upon your own comfort level.

Besides entertaining, the movies that are currently showcased are the ones which have been literary successful and then converted into movies. Such movies can be treated as learning experiences with one or two powerful dialogues or the situations that you will be able to relate to.

The online TV network is growing rapidly with such successful being launches almost every month with many others are also lined up for the launch. You can also get access to the online games, community of old classic movies lovers and dating columns they have. You can further discuss or share your experiences by discussing about such movies and even the shows which they showcase online.

- prurgent

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