Arnob Chowdhury | Watch Online Live Concert Video & Exclusive Interview | Arnab and Friends Unheard Voices Tour 2008 Drishtipat

We present here a video of exclusive interview with Arnob and the entire Concert Video from the "Arnob & Friends" concert with permission and encouragement of the Director of Drishtipat, who organized the "Unheard Voices" World Tour

Shayan Chowdhury (শায়ান চৌধুরী), better known by his nickname Arnob (also spelled Ornob), the young, talented and very popular singer from Bangladesh, commened the "Unheard Voices Tour with Arnob & friends" with a concert in Washington, DC on Oct 18, 2008. The tour is organized by Drishtipat, a human rights and social activism organization.Drishtipat

sixth and I historic synagogue, washington DC

Arnob poster outsied sixth and I historic synagogueThe concert was held in the Sixth and I Historic Synagogue - a landmark historical building in Washington, DC. One of the first things that was visible on arrival at the venue was a poster of the show that in itself promised a great musical evening with Arnob.


Just before the show started, our web-administrator caught Arnob and had a little informal chat with Arnob.

arnob and friends
Andrew, Nazrul, Arnob and our Web-Admin

The following video was not taken in a controlled quiet environment suitable for an interview - be prepared for ambient noise. We wish to thank Ronnie for volunteering to be the cameraman.

As is the norm, Arnob and friends did a sound check on stage before the show commenced. Here is an exclusive video of the band at that time:

Soon enough, Arnob and Friends entered the stage and started their magic. We present highlights of the entire concert with permission and encouragement of the Director of Drishtipat:

Exclusive WBRi Video Coverage of the concert

WBRi Exclusive

Arnob and Friends

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