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Probashi at HMV Studios

Probashi is the only recognised Bangla Band outside Bengal and Bangladesh with two Music Albums in their kitty.  Their musical journey started 21 years back inspired by Mohiner Ghoraguli and the great compositions of Salil Chowdhury’s IPTA music.

The feeling of Probashi however is a very deep-rooted thought that binds the duo together.

Even if you uproot a tree the roots will always cling to the soil. The soil of Bengal has never left this duo in their composition and the lyrics that they bring forth through an era they call “Amader Gaan”  an era which will bring every far –fetched son of Bengal together and cause a momentary lapse of reason.

In the mid 1980s, some freak but musical boys and girls from CHITTARANJAN PARK (a bengali locality in Delhi),started writing & composing their own songs...which were at that time unknown to the listners,and somehow unacceptable to the organisers...but the revolution never stopped..they were ahead of their we know the term"BANGLA BAND ... singing the way they  believe. From that very bunch of people, now Santanu Maitra  doing well in Mumbai film industry as a music director, Ashim Chakraborty of INDIAN OCEAN, Debojyoti Bhaduri - DJ of EUPHORIA.

Probashi performing on stage
Probashi - On stage
Taposh Bose began to write and sing songs, accompanied by like-minded buddies, in the loose format of the still-nascent (for Bengali music) "Band" - guitars, drums and lyrics a reflection of the times. His songs were about "the pain of every "probashi" under the sky..those who are away from home...the "motherland". Taposh would eventually go on to give over one hundred anf fifty performances across Delhi.

By profession a financial consultant, Taposh always loved music from the time he opened his eyes. His mother passed on the genes in musical notes! Taposh started performing Bengali Band Music on stage from 1985. Thereon, there was no looking back for him. Music was always and will remain a passion for him. Probashi was inspired from Taposh’s brilliant lyrics and his phenomenal musical acumen.
Probashi on stage

Born 19th,july  in New Delhi itself, Taposh grew up in central delhi...a place called "Gole Market" near New Delhi KALIBARI...the place was very active with bengali culture at that time. His father was a in bengali dramatics, and mother was an trained classical singer.

Taposh lives in Delhi with his Wife ( a deciple of Ananda Shankar & Tanushree Shankar),and his 10 years old son.

Probashi on stage

In 1990, Taposh was joined by Ashok Ghosh, a guitarist and lyricist himself, and the seeds of the unique bangla band "Probashi" were laid.  By profession a cost accountant, Ashok comes from a conservative Bengali background, and always believed in himself. His creativity and his love for the arts start with a rendezvous in Dramatics. He broke his creative shackles to win the “Best Actor” award in the All Delhi Bengali Drama Festival in 2000, judged by greats like Shobha Sen. However his creative brilliance comes out mainly in the music compositions which led him to learn Hindustani Classical Music from 1991 to 1994. The learnings taught Ashok another path to give vent to his creative brilliance. A composer and lyricist, this co-founder of Probashi found salvation in the music he created and the songs he composed.
Probashi on stage
Born on 30th May in New Delhi, Ashok grew up in south delhi near Matri Mandir, safdarjung Enclave.  From the day his fater and two brothers landed in Delhi, Ghosh family was very active culturally and was having a great contribution towards fomation of Matri Mondir Society in Safdarjung Enclave.    His father was a Govt Servent and very fond of Dramatics, Recitation and sports. Mother is a Housewife and a born singer.

Ashok lives in Delhi with his wife( a trained Classical Singer) and 10 year old Daughter.


Probashi - Neon Er AaloNeon Er AaloOn September 15, 2006, Probashi released their first album "Neon-Er-Alo" under the banner of the Saregama India (erstwhile HMV). This release has the distinction of  the first "Band" album under the Saregama label from a Bengali Band based outside Kolkata - a Probashi album in all ways.  The songs of this album express on one side of PROBASHI bengalis..courage towards chasing their dreams by going anywhere in the world by leaving behind their known native place and dearones and on the otherhand after achieving their dreams they also realise what price they have paid.
The song "JOGU BABU" is a remake of the song of the same name composed by Niharika and Someswar Chakraborty whom has already featured separately here».

The songs of the Album NEON ER AALO are:

  1. Probashi
  2. Neon-Er-Alo
  3. Jagu Babu
  4. Gelo Ja Bholo Ta
  5. Bondhu
  6. Shahare Chheye Gechhe Sandhya
  7. Duli
  8. Madhabi Malati

Highway Dhorey

Probashi - highway dhore

Probashi released their second album, "Highway Dhorey", at the Music World in Park Street, Kolkata, on September 1, 2008, under the label of Cozmik Harmony. This album is an appeal to the people like us ,sometimes, fed up with gruelling city life wants to runaway from it...and for that..firstly we have to hit the HIGHWAY.

Here are clips of songs from the album "HIGHWAY DHOREY" by PROBASHI:

Probashi's second music album "Highway Dhorey' launched on Sep 1, 2008 at Music World, Park Street, Kolkata, attended by Shantanu Moitra and Ashish Vidyarthi.

Probashi - Ganga (from the Album "Highway Dhore")

Probashi - Zebra Crossing (from the Album "Highway Dhore")

The song "Zebra Crossing" is a remake of the song of the same name composed by Niharika and Someswar Chakraborty whom has already featured separately here».

The path forward

The members of Probashi have been one of the pioneers in the "band" movement in Bengali music for over a quarter century, and they are continuing to achieve greater successes. In the near future, the band has plans to go and connect with all Bengalis under the sky ... and share their brand of music which they love to call "AMADER GAAN", and thus want to convey to those fortunate Bengalis who live in West Bengal and Bangladesh, back home, that THEY ARE NO LESS A BENGALI THAN THEM, they still dream in BANGLA.

Contact Probashi

C-455, Chittaranjan Park
New Delhi
Ph: 921-271-7544 / 921-275-7429

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