Tripti Sanyal and Tapan Sanyal - album Dhonyi Meye, and exclusive unreleased tracks

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In this article, we present Tapan and Tripti Sanyal - a couple experimenting with Fusion. Tapan and Tripti live in Kolkata. Listen to Tapan and Tripti's latest and previously unreleased songs exclusively on WBRi.

Tapan SanyalTapan Sanyal (44) & his wife Tripti Sanyal (35) both belong to musical families in Kolkata. Primarily Tapan has been influenced by his father who used to sing & write songs too. His first love was the Tabla. He learned Tabla from Pt. Kanai Dutta & Ustad Ahmed Hussain Khan. After some years Tapan started playing tabla on the stage with different artists. In  the year 1989 he heard  the voice of Tripti on All India Radio, finally he met her and played Tabla with Tripti and he gave her suggestions for new compositions. They started working and finally  they got  married. After that Tapan started writing lyrics for various artists, within a few months he got an offer to write lyrics for Arati Mukherjee, the great singer - the name of the final album was Sadharan Meye. After 1990  Tapan started composing music with his wife with new ideas.

Tripti SanyalTripti Sanyal is also a very talented singer. Tripti was basically influenced by her mother who is also a lyricist & music composer without having any formal training. She learned music from so many gurus & finally from Pt. Amiya Ranjan Banerjee (a great vocal trainer & classical singer). She passed M.A in music from Rabindrabharati University & now she is a music teacher of a Govt. school. She sings modern songs, bengali, hindi, & also thumri, dadra, kajri, tagore songs and nazrulgeeti.& specially fusion. Recently both Tapan and Tripti are  involved in composing music, speciallly fusion based, including modern songs.


The following are a few new songs by Tripti Sanyal not released in any album yet. Lyrics and music are by Tapan Sanyal.



Tripti Sanyal - Dhanyi Meye - Lyrics by Tapan SanyalTheir first album "Dhanyi Meye" was published in the year of 2004 from P.N.M Recods. Now Tapan further wants to say that the central attraction of the album is fusion, based on the raga Ahirbhairon - it is a blending of modern approach with traditional bandish, the making of the composition (Albela) is very interesting. Once it so happenbed that Tripti was practising Raga Ahir Bhairon and after some time she started singing a Bengali song and suddenly an idea came to Tapan's mind that if he mixes or blends the bandish part with the traditional modern song, how it will sound, and Tapan composed  the basic idea and wrote lyrics for the song and made Tripti hear. Tripti was exited and then they start composing jointly for final work including Tripti's new  ideas also, and it was completed within an hour, the lost themselves on the way for some moments and those moments in themselves became very memorable for them.

Tracks from the album Dhanyi Meye by Tripti Sanyal

  • Albela Sajan
  • Ami Cheyechi Tomar Kache
  • Ei Shohore Bhor Dupure
  • Ghum Ele Je
  • Holde Shobuje
  • Jibon Chole

Exclusive Videos

Tagore Recitation by Tapan Sanyal

Tripti Sanyal - Ektuku Choyan Laage (Rabindrasangeet)

Tripti Sanyal - Daria Acho Tumi (Rabindrasangeet)

Tripti Sanyal - Dhanyi Meye (Title Track)

Tripti Sanyal - Ghum Ele

Tripti Sanyal - Albela Sajan

Tripti Sanyal - Ami Cheyechi

Recently Tapan and Tripti Sanyal are busy with Tagore songs, likely to be published soon

Tapan and Tripti Sanyal, through their music, want to convey traditional cultures in a new package.

Tapan's advice for upcoming singers is they should learn dedicatedly classical music, without knowing the past one  cannot creat anything new. However, Tapan would like to mention also that recently they are also busy to make a project on instrumental fusion comprising of sitar, tabla, flute keyboards and vocals too.

Tapan and Tripti and their Fusion band are doing programmes all over India and abroad also. They can be reached at

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