Roquaiya Hasina Neely - Ki Sur Jagao - The 4th Rabindra Sangeet Songs Album by the Revered Tagore Singer (MP3 Download Release)


Roquaiya Hasina Neely is well known for presenting Tagore songs in its pure form. She has the quality of singing songs with unwavering voice. She primarily sings Tagore songs but she also has an interest in Atul Prasad, D. L. Roy and Adhunik.

Her fourth music album, Ki Sur Jagao, was released on 17th July 2008 and third album, Baaje Jhornar Gaan, in August 2006. Washington Bangla Radio has already Featured Baaje Jhornar Gaan (you can view that Feature and listen to that album by clicking HERE). We present Neely's 4th album Ki Sur Jagao below.

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Roquaiya Hasina Neely - Ki Sur Jagao

  1. Onek Diner Amar Je Gaan
  2. Aro Aro Probhu
  3. Aha Aajii E Bashonte
  4. Likhana Tomar Dhulai Hoeche Dhuli
  5. Dharonir Gaganer Milaner Chande
  6. Gahana Kusuma KUnjamaje
  7. Chinna Patar Shajai Tarani
  8. Kadale Tuni More
  9. Bhenge Nor Gharer Chabi
  10. Modhuro Modhuro Dhoni Baaje
  11. Fule Fule Dhole Dhole
  12. Bhara Thak Smritee Shudhai

Neely with Kanika Bandopadhyay at Santiniketan

Neely with Kanika Bandopadhyay at Santiniketan


Neely was born in Birbhum of  West Bengal in India on 5th November 1959. She started learning songs at the age of five from a music teacher in Birbhum. Later her parents moved to the then East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). Her father Rashidul Hasan who was a teacher of English at Dhaka University was her inspiration. Rashidul Hasan liked Tagore songs very much and it was his dream that she would one day be a Tagore singer. Unfortunately he was taken away by the anti-liberation elements from residence of Dhaka University on 14th December 1971 and later was brutally killed by them.


A young Neely with her Father
A young Neely with her Father


After the death of her father, Neely and her family had passed through difficult times. But Roquaiya Hasina didn’t forget her father’s wish and continued her music education. She finished her five years course in music from Chhayanat Biddayatan. She started singing in Bangladesh Betar and Bangladesh Television as an artist in 1976. Now she is a special grade artist in BTV and Betar. Neely had also been teaching for many years at Chhayanat. She is now teaching as adjunct faculty at Sarkari Sangit Mohabidyalay, Agargao, Dhaka.

Neely (lower left): Ramna Batamul on Poila Baishak, 1982
Neely (lower left): Ramna Batamul on Poila Baishak, 1982


Roquaiya Hasina sang Tagore songs as a solo artist in New York in a function celebrating 75th anniversary of winning Nobel Prize of Rabindranath Tagore. She considers that participation a great honor and recognition of her dedication as Tagore singer.


Her interview was broadcast from Voice of America (VOA) in 1989. VOA's Dilara Hashem took her interview.

Neely with Dilara Hasem of VOA in New York

Neely with Dilara Hasem of VOA, New York, 1989


Neely sang Tagore songs as an invited artist in Rabindra Mela in New Jersey in 1988. Dr. Sanjida Khatun and Banani Ghosh also sang Tagore songs in that cultural function.

Neely with Banani Ghosh, New Jersey, 1988

Neely with Banani Ghosh, Rabindra Mela, New Jersey, 1988

Neely with Dr Sanjida, New Jersey, 1989

Neely with Dr. Sanjida Khatun, Rabindra Mela, New Jersey, 1988


Neely participated as a solo artist in many cultural functions arranged by different Bengali Associations in Canada. They liked her songs and revered her so much that they took initiatives to record her songs and released one music album from Canada in 1988.

Roquaiya Hasina owes with great gratitude to late renowned cultural personality and music director Abdul Ahad, Dr. Sanjida Khatun, late Waheedul Haque and Ajit Roy for their inspiration and continuous support. She traveled USA, Canada, Singapore and India to participate in cultural functions.

Neely with Abdul Ahad

Neely with Abdul Ahad


Neely lives in BUET residence with her two daughters and her husband Professor Shahidul Hassan. She wishes that she would continue entertaining the music lovers by her performance and also to work with Dr. Sanjida Khatun, Kalim Sharafi, Ajit Roy and others in their drives to spread Tagore songs here and abroad.

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