Empty Spaces - Kolkata Art Rock Band and their debut album Jibon Britto

Empty Spaces - Kolkata Bangla Band

Kolkata Bangla Rock Band - Empty SpacesEmpty Spaces is a Kolkata Bangla Band, specifically an "Indian Art Rock Band", founded in 2005 by a group of graduate school students. In addition to Bengali rock music, the band has to its credit original English and Hindi compositions as well. Empty Spaces members actively try out alternative / experimental ideas with often impressive results, as you will hear in their music on this page.

Music is not the primary profession of the members of Empty Spaces, and all band members have well-established professional careers in unrelated fields. Perhaps that is why they can let their imagination and creativity run free, resulting in such a wonderful debut album as Jibon Britto.

Empty Spaces have great software skills, as demonstrated by one of the most remarkable self-designed web-sites (www.emptyspacesmusic.com) that this correspondent has seen for Kolkata rock bands. The web-site is obviously a collaborative effort, with primary design and implementation by Putu (Arun) - who tends to put reminders to himself in comments like "ARUN: ADD QUICKLINKS SECTION HERE" and "ARUN: FEATURED NEWS TO BE PART OF SEPARATE PAGE". There are other little things that indicate the amount of care and detail the band spends effort on - the explicit licensing of their music under Creative Commons (very rare in West Bengal and India), the meticulous file-naming and IDv3 tagging, and so on.

Empty Spaces debut album: Jibon Britto

Empty Space - Jibon Brittanto - Album Cover

Empty Spaces urge listeners of their first album "Jibon Britto" to approach the musical work as a concept album that reflects the cycle of ambition, achievement, deprivation, self-realization and finally, enrichment that all humans go through over their lives. (In an interestingly oblique suggestion to software engineering backgrounds of some band members, the word "loop" is used more than moderately in their description). The band describes the album through the eyes of a protagonist Indra, and reflects the different phases as Indra progresses through life.


  1. Achena Chobi
  2. Dhnowa
  3. Rajpoth
  4. Asusthota
  5. Nirbikaar
  6. Torpedo
  7. Songshodhon
  8. Sandhan
  9. Ashash
  10. Fragrance

Listen to the album Jibon Britto by Empty Spaces online:

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Achena Chobi:

Jibon Britto - Teaser:

Empty Spaces: Band Line-Up

Empty Spaces - SunnySunny (vocals): Samantak Sinha trained with Mr Pradip Chattopadhyay from a very young age. In addition to rendering great rock ballads with his voice, Sunny also plays Badminton and pursues other forms of performing arts. Sunny has a graduate degree in Commerce from South City College, University of Kolkata and resides in Mumbai. His inspirations include Richard Marx, Deep Purple, The Doors, John Denver, Sting and so on. He is known to relish Chinese cuisine, is an avid fan of Sherlock Holmes and Feluda, and loves fast cars.

Empty Spaces - SougataSougata (keyboards): Sougata Basu trained with Mr Rajeshwar Bhattacharya and learned to play the piano from Raja Narayan Deb. His arsenal includes the venerable Korg N364 and Propellerhead's Reason software. Sougata is a primary lyricist-composer for Empty Spaces, and is responsible to a large extent for the unique sound of the band. Sougata is a Jadavpurian, working in the software industry, and lives in the City of Joy Kolkata.

Empty Spaces - PutuPutu (Drums): Arun Das keeps rhythm for the band using his vintage-red TAMA Superstar kit, Paiste 402 and 802 16" crashes, 21" Zildjian Planet Z Heavy Ride and a pair of 14" Zildjian Planet Z Hi-Hats. Putu is a software engineer in Bangalore, and is a graduate of St. Xavier's Calcutta and has a Master's degree from PESIT, Bangalore. Putu gets inspired by Deep Purple, The Police, Coldplay, and Linkin Park.

Empty Spaces - RahulRahul (guitars): Sanmitra Ghosh has a degree in Instrumentation Engineering from the Future Institute of Engineering and Management and resides in Jamshedpur. He plays around with his Johnson solid body, Hudson nylon string and a POD XT-LIVE on stage and contributes original compositions to the band off stage. Rahul's influences are Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, B. B. King, Pink Floyd and Audioslave. It is interesting that Rahul has not listed Steve Vai among his idols.

Empty Spaces - Rambo Rambo (guitars): Abhishek Trivedi lives in Calcutta with his Gibson LP 100 and a KORG 3000G, and deserts them every work day for his job as a Software Engineer at a reputed IT corporation. Rambo's schooling was at South Point and he has a graduate degree from RCC College, Kolkata. He lists Queen, Deep Purple and Steve Morse among his primary inspirations. Rambo is also the youngest - by quite a few years from the oldest - member of the band, but that does not seem to have any effect on his ability to excel at the same performance level as the older folks.

Empty Spaces - SukantaSukanta (Bass): Sukanta Ganguli plays the bass guitar on-stage and contributes to Empty Stages with original compositions, ideas and endless creativity off-stage. He is influenced by Audioslave, Coldplay, Dream Theater, Linkin Park and Shyamasangeet (yes - you read that right - even Fossils frontman Rupam has been heard singing Shyamasangeet these days.) Sukanta plays soccer and gives in to wanderlust in whatever time he has left.