Bangla Natok (Talk Theater) Jagannath and Urmimala Basu - Shruti Natok - Live at Dallas, TX, USA

Jagannath and Urmimala Bose are the top Bengali Shruti Natok (talk theater) elocutionists in contemporary Kolkata.

The genre of talk theater, which is highly specialized and demanding form of elocution, has a natural affinity with the radio broadcast medium. We all know the power of this art form - particularly exemplified by the 8 PM coverage of the arrival of Martians on Halloween day, 1938 by Orson Welles's talk-theater adaptation of War Of The Worlds by H. G. Wells. You can listen to this milestone in Radio broadcast covering incredible events from Grover's Mill, New Jersey online via the player below:

But we digress. Coming back to Jagannath Bose, he is one of the pioneers in Bengal who took the initiative to bring talk theater to a live on-stage environment, devoid of any sets, props and make-up, communicating with the audience purely by modulations of voice. Urmimala Bose graduated from Jadavpur University with a Masters in Comparative Literature. Her performances in live radio plays broadcast on the Vividh Bharati station were critically acclaimed, and she quickly became an established and respected name in the genre. She married Jagannath in 1971.

Jagannath and Urmimala Bose live in Belgachia, Kolkata. They have two children - son Riju and daughter Riddhi. Read their complete biography at their website

Antorik Bengali Organization of Dallas, Texas had invited Jagannath and Urmimala Basu on the occasion of Durga Puja, and have posted live video coverage of their program. Here is the first of the many clips - subsequent clips can be played from the videos suggested at the end of this first one: