Big Switch - TV Series on UTV Bindaas

Big Switch - UTV Bindass Channel - TV Program

Big Switch is a forthcoming Reality TV series on UTV Bindass channel in India, starting Oct 24, airing every Saturday at 7 PM. Bollywood actress Genelia D’souza will host the show. 20 kids, 10 each from opposite sides of the economic spectrum, will be paired up to live in an impoverished environment, with the well-to-do working with the poor towards a common goal of making the wishes of the poor come true.

The official synopsis introduces the concept: "The idea is simple - we take 10 absolutely rich spoilt brats who have never stepped into a kitchen or cleaned a stain and put them into a whole new world. This new world is a SLUM where the contestants must live and work. While they are at it the cameras never stop rolling!"

With cameras running constantly, one wonders where "reality TV" will draw the line - shows like this may be construed as continuation of selling poverty for getting higher TV ratings.

While it is more usual for TV stars to move into film, Genelia D’souza followed the inverse and this is her debut Television show for the popular and established movie actress.

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