Joydhak workshop on non formal education - a unique experiment taking place in Nadia district, West Bengal

Priyabala Vidyavithi, Asannagar, Nadia

The editors and the team who publish the excellent Joydhak Bengali Children's Online Magazine also keep conducting workshops with children belonging to various non formal educational formations across rural Bengal. The idea is to study the patterns and suggest improvement.

Over the years team-Joydhak have witnessed some selfless and faceless people doing wonders in such ventures.

Recently Joydhak conducted one such workshop in an interior area of Nadia district at the village of Asannagar at a non formal education center where a brilliant experiment on alternative education is being conducted by a group of dedicated Individuals with Muslim and lower caste Hindu children belonging mainly to farm laborer families.

education workshop in Asannagar, Nadia, West Bengal

The Institution is running for last nine years with no government funding or assistance, and does not have any government affiliation. It does not have any rich individual’s financial support, either.

A large hearted gentleman has created this institution on his entire household property - around two Bighas of land. He lives in a small structure inside the property and the rest has been converted into the venue of this most unique experiment. The postal address is Priayabala Vidyavithi, Asannagar, P.O Asannagar, Bhimpur, Nadia,  West Bengal, India.

The target group is the school-going children of local poor people (predominently Muslims and lower caste Hindus) who are mainly agricultural laborers.

The full report has been uploaded at Joydhak's blog site »

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