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Jigyasha Chinha - Bangla Band
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Founded in 2004, Jignasha Chinha stands for the symbol " ? ". Their genre is Melodious Folks with some western inspirations, soothing for any generation.

Six Jignasha Chinha members complete the music quotient:

  • Tuhin - Vocals & Percussions
  • Ranjit - Lead Guitar & Back Vocals
  • Sayan - Keyboards & Harmony Vocals
  • Moon - Keyboards & Back Vocals
  • Shila - Bass Guitar & Supporting Vocals
  • Saikat - Drums & Percussions

Jignasha Chinha - Kolkata Band

The six pack sixane's output is a sheer Musical Extravaganza, nay - A Bonanza !!!

" ? " excel in their own creations & compositions plus recreating the magic of the old popular folks through their unique arrangements.

A bit of chit-chat

Almost five years ago Jighyasha Chinha started their journey - a bunch of "pagals" who dream music, breathe music & live music. Feeling the pulse, they created their music true to life. They walked miles after that, they questioned society in their songs & searched for answers too. They are a curious lot - the intrigued lot trying to know the meanings of existence. They take the hardship in their stride, sing their tears and sing their laughters and try to connect people with their unique harmony. They love to smile and watch others smiling - and that is their inspiration.

Calcutta Bangla Band Jignasha Chinha

A few achievements

Jignasha Chinha's title track has been on the charts of  A.I.R. F.M Rainbow.

They have won a few band competitions & fell just short of some, around the city of Kolkata by different media like ETV Bangla,Channel Vision, Bandemataram (Sangeet Bangla), Kalyani Black Label etc.

They have had successful performances at Jadavpur University for three consecutive years.

Add to that some sellout performances around the entire country.

Appreciation is all they seek & success they know will follow.