350 years old Durga Puja of Chandra’s House at Dainhaat, Burdwan

Historic Durga Puja at Chandra's Residence in Burdwan, West Bengal, India Chandras at Dainhaat, Burdwan near Katwa are worshipping Devi Durga for the last 350 years at their Ancestors’ home. Chandras were doing business of utensils 350 years ago. The business was in its Golden era at the time of Late Madonmohan Chandra who started the Durgapuja.

The most interesting thing regarding the puja is, the puja started with sponsorship of Dara and Suja, brothers of Great Mughal Emperor Aurangjeb. That was the time when East India Company already started business in India. Once Dara and Suja attacked their Godown and British captured them, They fled and took safe shelter to Madonmohan Mitro. To show their gratitude, they gave land and enormous amount of money to Mr. Mitro and on that land, with that money Mr Mitro built the Pujabari and started Durgapuja.
Still now Chandras worship Devi very gracefully and decorate the idol with gold and silver ornaments. Everybody of Dainhaat participate at this puja actively.

There is a myth that Chandras find Devi’s footprint every year on vermillion after Vijaya Dashami.

The old pujas like Chandras represents our true tradition, heritage and culture.

- Subhomoy Mukherjee, WBRi Kolkata News