Durga Pujo...is a state of mind.

A couple of days from now is Durga Pujo. The countdown has started and we are eagerly awaiting for the festivities to begin. As promised to myself, I did make myself some time this week to prepare for the grand celebrations coming up in the weekend. It is quite some work to put together all the right accessories to go with the much coveted drapes called 'saris'. Going through the entire collection of saris was a journey down the memory lane. Each sari was reminiscent of an year gone by and each sari flashed a different anecdote. A realization struck me as I unfolded all these nine yards of drapes, that, they are only telling tales of my life since I came here in the United States. What about the years I left behind in Kolkata, when was the last time I enjoyed a Kolkata Durga Pujo. In an instant I was at a midnight hop around town, a stop for rolls, cutlets and chowmein at the wee hours of the night. Pausing at the Pandals, awestruck by the creative display in art and lighting work. Then a silent prayer to the Divine Mother before moving on to the next episode of the extravaganza. The pictures of the yesteryears rolled on and I found myself digging out some old memories as I prepare to make some fresh ones this weekend. I am sure many of us who are away from Kolkata especially at this time of the year, will be missing the fervor of our joyous city and will definitely be in a Kolkata state of mind. I wish you all a very Happy Durga pujo.