Indian-American Model Chinal Patel Enters the B4U Jewel of India Calendar Hunt

Chinal Patel (WBRI)

New York City, Oct 29 (Washington Bangla Radio): Chinal Patel is a business woman who also decided to pursue her interest in a modeling career recently. She has successfully modeled for traditional south-Asia focused as well as western shows with Barbizon at Red Bank, New Jersey.

Chinal Patel (WBRI)

Chinal is known to possess the specific attitude that many designers or fashion directors look for. Acclaimed for being adaptable, flexible, stylish, versatile and hard working, Chinal is also good at understanding and flawlessly following directions. She is particularly impressive in her ability to carry herself confidently wearing all types of clothing in various  styles.

As a contestant in the Jewel of India B4U Calendar Hunt, the gorgeous sultry model is looking to take her modeling career a step further. "It will increase my footprint in the American fashion industry and bring me closer to realizing my dream of becoming a super-model", says Chinal.

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