Mrs. Massachusetts Jewel of India Kalyani Kanuri Engages in B4U Jewel of India Calendar Hunt

Kalyani Kanuri (WBRI)

Shrewsbury, MA, Oct 29 (Washington Bangla Radio): Kalyani Kanuri of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts believes that every day is a new opportunity. "You can build on yesterday's success or put its failures behind and start over again”, she quips.

Kalyani Kanuri (WBRI)A finance professional with an MBA and a Masters in Computer Science and Mathematics, Kalyani recently won the 2016 Mrs. Massachusetts Jewel of India pageant. She loves Indian arts and is currently learning classical music and dance. An avid reader, she also believes a book can be a person’s best friend.

Kalyani is excited to participate in the 2016 Jewel of India Calendar Hunt. She has enjoyed working with like-minded individuals in a team environment, and believes the experience will strengthen self-confidence and bring out the best in each one of the participants. Indeed it is likely her participation will lead to further opportunities in the fashion and modeling industry.

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