Now Remember the Departed Souls Online

Screenshot of the website

New Delhi, India, Oct 28 (Washington Bangla Radio): When a dear one passes away, it is hard to cope with the grief and the realization that they are no longer with us. Some people express their pain in social media, whereas some do not find it right to update the world about someone’s bereavement through social networking sites. For those who are looking for a personalised and unique way to remember and pay homage to their loved ones,, has launched a unique online service –, which allows people to share their feelings and fond memories in the most unique manner. is an exclusive service where one can create personalized memorial profiles for their loved ones at a very nominal rate for Lifetime! Each memorial is highly customizable that allows people to add pictures, videos, life history and even a family tree. Moreover, users may choose to make their page public or private, depending on whom they would like to share the information with. It also gives an option to invite unlimited friends through Facebook, Google, Email, Whatsapp and even SMS. Each profile has a photograph of the deceased person that is fixed in a virtual frame where visitors can express feelings by posting personal messages, showering virtual flowers, offering a garland, or lighting a virtual candle, diya or even an agarbatti. Further, the special feature of this website is it highlights the profile 10 days before and after a person’s birth or death anniversary.

According to Mr. Rahul Jalan - Director,, " is an exclusive place to celebrate the life and memories of your loved ones, a medium to express your love and devotion for the dearly departed. In today’s tech-savvy world, this service is in sync with the internet generation to give them an easy and personalized way to keep themselves connected with their loved ones. As our tagline goes - “To live in the hearts we live behind is not to die” – what better way to keep the memories of your loved ones alive through the medium most commonly used today.”

The website already shows profiles of well-known public figures such as Mahatma Gandhi, Yash Raj Chopra, Sarojini Naidu, to name a few that are open to the public. People can post a message in these profiles by registering with a Facebook or an Email account. Pages also have a variety of complementary themes with customizable music themes, enabling people to create a personalized profile that will remind visitors of their loved ones.