LUDO (2015) Bangla Movie by Q and Nikon Continues Dream Run at Film Festivals, Featuring at MAMI

Q and Takashii Mike

Kolkata, Oct 27 (Washington Bangla Radio): LUDO, the fantasy-horror-thriller, by directors Nikon and Q (Qaushiq Mukherjee) is continuing its dream run at top horror and genre film festivals across the globe. The film is now being counted among the top horror films of 2015, across countries and languages.

LUDO will be featured in the After Dark Section at MAMI festival in Mumbai this year. The only Indian film to be selected in the category.

LUDO was recently featured in competition at Sitges (Catalonia, Spain), one of the first Indian films to ever make it to this top international horror and genre festival.

While at Sitges, Q bumped into Takashii Mike, the Japanese master of transgressive cinema. Miike was most amused to hear how the idea behind Ludo came about and was keen to check out the film Q has made.

An ecstatic Q said, 'I had always believed that we make our realities. It's the only truth. Miike was in my fantasy world, and now he stepped into my reality. This is magic.'

LUDO, is a creation of the crack team at Oddjoint: directors Nikon and Q and Celine Loop.

The film is represented in the International market by Reel Suspects.

Ludo is produced and backed by Idyabooster and Starfire Movies and co-produced by Oddjoint.

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Official synopsis of Ludo

Four desperate teenagers. A night of sexy mayhem. The big city. Or so the plan goes, until a series of misadventures later, Babai, Pele, Ria and Payal end up in a locked shopping mall in the dead of the night. Alone at last... until an old couple appears out of nowhere with a piece of folded leather and a glass container with two dice made of bone. A game. Simple, but deadly. They call it Ludo. A game defiled by a young couple centuries ago. An unbreakable curse, a living board, eons of bloodbath spanning the subcontinent. A game that has reached this city. Not just monsters, but prisoners of fate. Immortal lovers existing under a curse that will not die. They live within the game. Blood must spill. Bone must shatter. Beware the rattle of the Ludo dice.

LUDO's Mumbai Film Festival Schedule:

1st Screening – Sunday, 01/11/2015 – 9.00 pm
Venue: PVR Juhu, Screen 4, Vile Parle, Mumbai
2nd Screening - Tuesday, 03/11/2015 – 10.00 pm
Venue: PVR Phoenix, Screen 3, Lower Parel, Mumbai
LUDO has had a super run at the following festivals in the past few months
●     World premiere at Fantasia Film Festival (Montreal, Canada) in July.
●     Only Indian film at Fantastic Fest (Texas, USA) in September.
●     Featured in the “After Dark” Section at the Chicago International Film Festival in October.
●     To be featured at the Singapore International Film Festival in November.

LUDO screening at MAMI