Chevrolet Trailblazer in India - Review

Oct 22, Gurgaon, Haryana, India (Washington Bangla Radio in association with tested the new model from Chevrolet, ‘the Trailblazer’ which is the new entrant in the premium SUV segment rivalling Toyota Fortuner. This indeed is an important model from Chevrolet as it hasn’t brought any new model post the launch of Enjoy MPV in India back in 2013. And the lukewarm response received for the trio including Sail twins and Enjoy MPV makes it even more crucial for the brand to catch fancy of the buyers. However, this isn’t really the segment that can fetch Chevrolet good numbers, albeit the product on the whole is worthy of attention.

According to the test drive expert, Chevrolet Trailblazer is a humongous vehicle that can outsize muscular Fortuner, even the outer stance is more robust. This huge mass of metal measures a little more than 4.8 meters in length and 1.9 meter tall. Ground clearance is the best in class at 241mm which lends it a mighty semblance. Car aficionados may find slight loop holes in the styling, as we at AutoPortal felt.

Head lights in front go totally off the stalwart silhouette; it could have been bigger to complement the large body. Similarly, the void between wheel arches and tyres (265/60 R Tyres) is a bit too much appearing conspicuously awkward, even the segment best ground clearance could not do any good to fade this styling flaw away. Chrome work is minimal, restricted to the front apron outlining the radiator grille. Unlike most of the cars that end up tapering towards the end, Trailblazer widens up which lends it muscularity.

Possessing wheelbase of 2845mm, cabin is a comfortable space that fits in three rows, although AutoPortal experts did not find the third row as snug as one would have expected. However, with the third row 50:50 split seats down, ample space can be created for storing luggage. But with all the seats being used together there will be scanty space on offer, so that could be a problem while planning a long journey with a big group. AutoPortal’s take on the cabin quality, fit and finish suggest that it is not as premium as in other SUVs in this segment. While the interior layout is contemporary, equipment wise too, Trailblazer will not disappoint.

If there is something that AutoPortal can vouch for is the performance delivered by the capable high displacement engine. Keeping aside the capacity of this power-train, the productivity is commendable. Featuring four cylinders, this direct injection, turbo diesel 2.8 litre power plant can dish out towering power of 197 Bhp at 3600 RPM and massive torque of 50.99 kgm at a meager RPM of 2000.

Compared to Fortuner’s 3.0 litre diesel engine, Trailblazer develops much more torque putting Fortuner’s 35 kgm to shame. Currently, the car will come only in 4x2 version making way for the all-wheel drive version later. Altogether with six-speed automatic transmission the beast gets into full action delivering a smooth ride.

All said and done, AutoPortal’s verdict is that Trailblazer priced at Rs. 26.40 Lac (Ex-Showroom Price in New Delhi) is a lavish car, that offers a snug cabin space and performance is its forte courtesy the 2.8 litre diesel engine. However as mentioned above we have to make do with the 4x2 version. is a one stop solution for all things automotive. It has been built and is being nurtured by a bunch of auto aficionados and petrol heads. Their primary motive is to make your car buying and selling process as hassle free as possible, and are building tools and content to make car buying hassle free.