Once Upon A Time In Bihar (2015) Trailer Irks Politicians, Risks Ban

Mumbai, Oct 16 (Washington Bangla Radio): Nitin Chandra’s latest film ‘Once Upon a Time in Bihar’s trailer has been creating a controversial buzz ever since its release.

The hard hitting trailer has ruffled some feathers in the political world by naming a few top members. One particular scene directly accuses politician Raj Thackeray of instigating the events of regionalism that took place in early 2000’s. Not only that, there’s also a reference to a ruling illiterate minister. It’s common knowledge that the minister leading the state during those years was Rabri Devi, we wonder if the dialogue hints at her!

All these references have blown up a storm of controversies amongst the audience. Sources also revealed that, many politicians are unhappy with these circuitous taunts made against their leaders. We haven’t forgotten the ill-treatment the citizens migrating from Bihar and UP still face due to the infamous speeches made at that time. The time was a traumatic one in the history of the country.

We wonder if this film will be banned for controversial depiction in the name of cinema.

Watch the Hindi movie trailer that stirred up a controversy.