Ishaan Randeria's "Gujjubhai the Great" (2015) Touches 3.5 Crores in Collections

Mumbai, Oct 13 (Washington Bangla Radio): It was a moment of great pride for Whistling Woods International (WWI) as its President, Meghna Ghai Puri welcomed its alumni, Ishaan Randeria, the director of the highest grossing film in the Gujarati film industry, ‘Gujjubhai the Great’ on 18th October, 2015. Mr. Ishaan was accompanied by the film’s lead actor, Siddharth Randeria also well known as the comedy king of Gujarat, cinematographer Himanshu Dubey, editor Tushar Parekh, WWI faculty & VFX supervisor Zenish Mehta, associate director Ankit Arya & the sound designers Suraj Bardia, Yatrik Dave, Vaibhav Ambole, who are also WWI alumni were also a part of the movie. Recently released Gujarati film ‘Gujjubhai The Great’ is running strong at the box office and has also been declared 100% tax free in the state of Gujarat. The Debutant director of the film is Ishaan Randeria.

Meghna Ghai Puri, Ishaan Randeria  and Siddhart Randeria at Whistling Woods International
Meghna Ghai Puri, Ishaan Randeria  and Siddhart Randeria at Whistling Woods International

The students were agog & excited to hear from the alumni who were once seated in the same auditorium as a WWI student and have now marked their names successfully in the industry. Being a part of WWM, Mr. Ishaan could relate to the students in many ways. To a total strength of 350 students, Ishaan highlighted about the movie industry and the journey of creating the highest grossing movie. Graduated in the year 2010, he spoke about his journey from assisting the directors to the wonders of directing Ad films and then moving on to his first independent film. He expressed his gratitude towards the institute WWI for sharing the right direction, guidance and education that helped in the path to success. He also stated that the experience he gained during diploma film shoots helped him in the industry.

A veteran actor, Siddharth Randeria with 35 years of experience in theater has won multiple awards for his writing and direction for Guajarati comedy plays along with an experience of almost 300 stage plays in a year. As an expert in his field, Mr. Siddharth guided the students about the differentiation in stage plays and films, risk being involved and other such factors. He was extremely open on sharing that he was initially sceptical when his son, Ishaan expressed that he has decided to make his career in filmmaking. As expressed by Mr. Siddharth, "Ishaan had the option to study in India or abroad. But when he brought me to WWI, I saw the campus, the grandeur, the facilities and the faculty here and I was convinced that WWI is ‘the’ place that will prepare my son to make a career in the film industry. He also mentioned, “I believed my son was launching me & that made things easier.”

Ishaan is an aspiring writer & director, associated with stage & cinema. He kick started his career as debut director of the Gujarati Comedy film “Gujjubhai The Great.”

The aspiring actor and debutant director Ishaan Randeria also said , “Making any film is a difficult proposition. You start work 1-2 years in advance, unaware of how the public will perceive it. In a regional film, the challenges are compounded by the constraints of time and budget. Since I had written the screenplay myself, I was able to visualize the film very well and keep my head above water during the hectic shooting. As with any first, you make mistakes and are wiser due to them, although I will know the extent of my newfound wisdom only with my second outing! ”

Considering it was Ishaan’s debut film, he faced several difficult propositions. He has also directed ad films such as Vicks starring Virat Kholi , Nerolac starring Shahrukh Khan, Woodland shoes, HCL and many more. Series of The Gujjubhai plays has been successful in the past decade and have also broken records on the Gujarati stage. The film has a universal approach not just in the story, but like in present day.

Although the movie it’s based in Ahmedabad, the film has a universal approach not just in the story, which is about a father looking for the right guy for his daughter, but also in its treatment. The humour is clean and relatable to everyone who watches it. In fact, people from Bengaluru who don’t speak a word of Gujarati enjoyed the film because of the easy-to-understand language.