The Northern Virginia Bengali Association (NVBA) is hosting Mr Anuj Dhar in Virginia and Maryland

Event :Anuj Dhar – journalist, researcher, author and founder member of Mission Netaji will be addressing the Indian Diaspora on declassification of all Netaji's files.
Venue 1:
McLean High School - 1633 Davidson Rd, McLean, VA, 22101
Time     :
October 18, 230PM
Venue 2:
Washington Kali Mandir - Shiva Durga Shakti Mandir - 16126 New Columbia Pike,              Burtonsville, MD 20866
Time     :November 1, 4PM

Time to get at the truth about Netaji’s fate is now!

Over 70 years ago Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was rumored to have met his end following an air crash at what is today known as Taipei Song Shan airport. The controversy which rose soon-after hovers over till date. This is quite remarkable considering that the Indians are known to leave behind tragedies of gargantuan proportions in a matter of weeks. Controversies surround the death and assassinations of our three Indian prime ministers and yet the cumulative interest in them is not a patch on the Netaji mystery.
The government of India before and after 1947 launched several inquiries into the vexed issue. The Shah Nawaz Committee and GD Khosla Commission set up by Mr. Nehru and Mrs. Indira Gandhi regimes upheld the air crash theory but found few takers. The most recent one led by Justice MK Mukherjee (JMCI) appointed by the Supreme Court and set up during the NDA period (1998) stated that no plane carrying Netaji had crashed in or around Taihoku on or around August 18, 1945. But as it happened, Justice Mukherjee’s report was dismissed in 2006 by the Congress-led government without assigning any reasons in a mockery of democratic norms.

Are we flogging a dead horse?
Conventional wisdom that "there's no use of raising this issue now" must be re-judged in the context of transparency, justice, closure for the family and most importantly strengthen the democratic institutions of India. Netaji was India’s first head of state, having headed the Provisional Government of Free India from abroad.  Future generations will judge us on how we have conducted ourselves in preserving the legacy and respecting the supreme sacrifice made by Netaji, the INA jawans and thousands of freedom-fighters.
As we read this in USA, there is a growing clamor in India to seek declassification of heaps of classified records relating to Netaji lying with different ministries and agencies in New Delhi and West Bengal. Often there are claims, some of which are right, that secret files on Bose exist in other countries. But then, how is India going to ask foreign governments to release them when she is sitting on a pile of its own making?
In deference to public demand and resultant media outcry, the Chief Minister of West Bengal last month declassified 64 files related to Netaji dated 1947 onwards. These files reveal that the State government snooped on the Bose family for several decades post-independence. Letters were intercepted and sometimes retained, and family members were trailed by intelligence bureau (IB) personnel across the globe. Even young students and citizens inquiring on Netaji have not been spared.

Mission Netaji – the struggle for transparency
In 2006, after the United Progressive Alliance (UPA II) government had dismissed the JMCI report, a group of professionals – lawyers, journalists, engineers, etc. got together to form a group called Mission Netaji. It is due to the efforts of Mission Netaji that the Netaji mystery has reached such a pass that a resolution seems in sight. For the first time, suppressed evidence has been flagged before people of India and the matter made a top story across media.
Talks have been organized across India and abroad to generate awareness, influence public opinion and garner support amongst people, media, social and cultural organizations and members of the government. In June this year, the issue was taken to the UK. And now a series of meetings have been planned in UK and USA (New York, Washington DC, Delaware, Chicago).   Anuj Dhar – journalist, researcher, author and founder member of Mission Netaji will be addressing the Indian Diaspora. Events are planned in Maryland and Virginia as well. The Northern Virginia Bengali Association (NVBA) will host Anuj Dhar on October 18, 230PM at McLean High School - 1633 Davidson Rd, McLean, VA, 22101, USA. Mr. Dhar will also be addressing the Indian diaspora on November 1, 4PM at Washington Kali Mandir - Shiva Durga Shakti Mandir - 16126 New Columbia Pike, Burtonsville, MD 20866.

On October 14, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with members of the Bose family, Mission Netaji and other activists. As we go to press, he has decided to declassify files starting January 23, 2016 and request other governments to declassify as well. The onus is now on members of the public, family and diaspora to continue to build awareness, interest and support so that the government declassifies all files at the earliest and provide a proper and complete closure to the issue.

***Sri Anuj Dhar has for the past 15 years spearheaded the campaign against state secrecy, demanding declassification of all files related to legendary Indian freedom fighter Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. He has raised this issue with state, central and international governments, and presented this case to social, political and media agencies.In the words of Times Now editor “Arnab Goswami”, in matters of Netaji declassification, Mr. Dhar is a One Man Army! His and other activists’ relentless struggle bore fruit recently when West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee declassified files. Mr. Dhar will be meeting Indian Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi on October 14, 2015 for further discussions.***

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