Kathmundu to provide audience a musical trip to Nepal this Puja

Kolkata, October 4, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio): Raj Chakrabarty’s  Kathmundu will tickle funny bones as Abir Chatterjee, Rudranil and Soham  gets into their most hilarious Avatar.

It was revealed in the Music launch press meet of the film that Soham , Abir and Rudranil play collegues who has to tolerate their boss (played by Saswata Chatterjee) who is  very strict taskmaster. The three friends are attracted to the boss’s secretary (Malobika Banerjee) and look to find some light moment among their hectic schedule at office. But again their boss turns out to be the biggest barrier between them and the hot secretary.

                                From Left: Abir,Roza,Srabanti,Raj Soham Rudranil,Saswata and Malobika

They, after a long struggle and persuasion, manage to get a break from their work and heads to Nepal for a pleasure trip where they meet to gorgeous ladies (Srabanti and Mimi Chakrabarty). It was not long before their world turns upside down during the trip.

The songs of the film are one of the strong point which will drag the audience of the film. Anupam Roy has composed the music for the film. Anupam has composed the songs in such a way that no one can able to tell that the man behind the music is Anupam unless he is told so.

                                                                   The cast members indulges in a selfie

The songs ‘Amra Korina Piayji’ is a fast and funny track depicting the hectic schedule the three friends has to go through every day. Sung by Nabarun Bose the song has a peppy lyrics which also includes some fast raps.

Watch the song Amra Korina Piyaji from Kath Mundu

The song Ami Raji is a light hearted song with soothing lyrics. Sung by Arijit Singh, this song lightens the mood just as on screen it is seen doing the same to the characters who embarks on their journey to Nepal.

Mon Amar sung by Anupam Roy depicts the ups and downs in the relationship of the characters.

Watch the song Amra Korina Piyaji from Kath Mundu

The song Eto Alo has been portrayed on Mimi and Srabanti where the two pretty ladies are seen enjoying the scenic beauty of Nepal.

Watch the song Eto alo from Kath Mundu

Watch the song Bhorer tara from Kath Mundu

Durga Puja vacation, for many Bengalis is a time to go out in a trip and get a break from their regular hectic life. Those who are unable to do that can catch the movie and have a virtual tour of Nepal which has been beautifully captured by Sirsha Roy, the cinematographer of the movie. Director Raj Chakrabrty also promises that the film will be thorough entertainer for audience of all ages.

Reporting by J.P. Mandal

Photo: Biswajit Saha