MSG2 - The Messenger enters fourth week with a gross collection of 275.23

Mumbai, October 11, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio): In its surprising success march, the gross box office collection of MSG-2 The Messenger has notched 275.23 Crores in 3 weeks with its continuing strong show in several territories and riding on good south returns. Apart from house-full shows in North India, the East Delhi and Rajasthan circuits are still doing strong while the Tamil and Telugu version has also been faring well.

‘The reason behind the film’s success is a clean entertainment with a powerful message,’ observed Saint Ram Rahim on  a recent visit to multiplexes in Faridabad where 101 houseful shows were screened in one day, who added that, ‘The series of MSG films will not pause but only become stronger until all evils are eradicated from society.’

On a specific question posed by a media person on the role of films in social change, he replied.

‘Yes, films can initiate and sustain social change intoday’s world. They can be used to defeat drug abuse and negativity.’ Finally, he shared his opinion on what constitutes a successful film by saying, ‘The parameter of this film’s success is thousands of youth who have quit drugs after seeing the film.’

The Spokesperson for Hakikat Entertainment , Ajay Dhamija said , ‘ This phenomenal response  is the victory of positivity over everything else, which makes our company even more committed to such films in the near future.’