Watch: Amar Sandhu & PRANNA Music Video of Debut Single "Tonight" from Free Album NEW ERA

New Era: Amar Sandhu and Pranna

LOS ANGELES, CA, Oct 4 (Washington Bangla Radio): Amar Sandhu and Pranna’s debut single ‘Tonight’, from the upcoming ‘New Era’ album, offers equal measures of melodic rhythm and freshness.

Listen to Amar Sandhu and Pranna’s "New Era" album preview

Guitars soaked with shimmering chorus effects, driving bass-lines, a touch of sparkle, and high-speed tempos shape an exciting and upbeat record crafted by Pranna & UpsideDown.

Amar Sandhu’s versatility shines as he combines the perfect blend of Punjabi & English lyrics throughout.

The music video honors this sound by featuring Venice Beach’s sunny blue skies, LA’s downtown skyline, beach babes, and even a snake handler!

The duo have dedicated their efforts to reinvent the monotonous sound of the South Asian industry (hence the name “New Era”) and proud to be the first of their kind. They are currently in Los Angeles finalizing the 10-track album that is set to be released for FREE later this month.

The record is anticipated to cross cultural boundaries that no other South Asian artists have done to date. Executively produced by Urban Asian, “New Era” features the sounds of Mickey Singh, FatehDOE, Zeshan, Jasmine Kara and more.

Watch the Music Video of Amar Sandhu & PRANNA's Debut Single "Tonight" from Free Album NEW ERA

Amar Sandhu and Pranna