First Look: Soumik Haldar's "Barood" (Bengali, 2015) - Zee Bangla Cinema Originals Film

Via Neel B Mitra

Barood (Bengali, 2015) Film Still

Kolkata, Oct 7, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio): Director Saumik Haldar's upcoming Bengali film "Barood" - a Zee Bangla Cinema Originals Film - will be aired on 25th Oct, Sunday at 9PM IST on Zee Bangla Cinema TV channel in India.

The story is in the genre of Action-Romance. The cast includes Ritabhari, Mainak, Nina and Padmanavo.

Barood is a story of today's youngsters being compelled and exploited by the corruption of the society. Jui, a soft and innocent girl  falls in love with a loafer Shaon. This turned Shaon’s life upside down. He realized that his life of political murders and unrest is not what he wants. He wants to lead a peaceful life with Jui, but knows it very well that given the circumstances it’s very difficult.

Barood (Bengali, 2015) Film Still

Soumik Haldar is the busiest director of photography in India's Bengali film industry. He has been the  director of photography of critically acclaimed shot films like  Autograph, Baise Srabon, Gaynar Baksho, Mishar Rahasyo, Chander Pahar, Meghe Dhaka Tara and many other films. This dynamic mind behind the camera has decided to start his directorial venture with ZBC Originals Barood.


Sudam Mudi Lane had become a very shady place after the elections.  It had almost transformed into a perpetual battlefield for warring leaders Shibu Das and Bijon Shom.  In order to uproot Shaon, right hand man of Shibu Das, Bijon Shom planted Roton in Shibu Das’ gang. Shaon did not take it that well. Even if Shaon would not hesitate twice before killing Roton, he could not, as in hindsight he was aware that Roton was his elder sister JhumJhumi’s lover.  One the other hand, Bijon Shom kept looking for every other chance to kill Shaon.

It is during this time that an IPS Officer named Shafique Tanveer got killed in the hands of Bijon Shom while chasing Roton and Shaon. But most people knew that it was actually Shaon who killed the officer. Amidst these troubled times, a well established and highly educated family rented a place at Sudam Mudi Lane.

Jui, daughter of that family was soft and innocent in nature.  But as it happened, this well behaved and educated girl, fell in love with a loafer like Shaon. This turned Shaon’s life upside down. He realized that this life of political murders and unrest is not what he wants. He wants to lead a peaceful life with Jui, but knows it very well that Bijon Shom and Shibu Das won’t allow it.

Barood (Bengali, 2015) Film Still

During one of these days, Shaon almost kills Roton in a fatal fight but stops himself because he knew that his elder sister would be heartbroken after his demise. Meanwhile, injured Shaon gets nursed by Nandini while Roton plans to murder Shaon.

Barood (Bengali, 2015) Movie Poster

Following this, Jui and her family suddenly disappear from the face of the city. It became apparent that Jui is actually an IPS Officer Nandini Roy who is a colleague of late Officer Shafique Tanveer. Nandini was dispatched to this mission by retired IPS officer Farooq Tanveer, who is the father of Shafique Tanveer. Nandini made people realize that Shafique was not killed by Shaon and that if anyone deserves to be punished for it, it is Shibu Das and Bijon Shom. Shaon could not in his wildest dreams believe that his girlfriend is an IPS officer.

Nandini sits Shaon and Roton down and talks some sense into them. She makes them realize that they have become puppets in the hands of politics, and that Shibu Das and Bijon Shom will ultimately spell doom in their lives. So they need to take care of Shibu Das and Bijon Shom before things get worse.

Bijon Shome calls over Shaon via Roton, while secretly edging Roton to Murder Shaon. Shaon, Roton, Shibu Das and Bijon Shome ultimately come together in a final face off which gets interrupted by IPS officer Farooq Tanveer. This leads to one final encounter.