Joy Sarkar and Lopamudra Mitra performs together after five years

Kolkata, October 06, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio): Music has no boundaries , no language it just connects soul to soul. SPEAC for Nepal in Tune with Joy Sarkar and Lopamudra Mitra recently experienced a different kind of musical evening where music was celebrated for a cause. It was organized by the Public Relations Society Of India, Kolkata Chapter at Satyajit Ray Auditorium ( ICCR).

Joy and Lopamudra teamed up after five long years for a noble cause. Eknath Panth a guide who managed the trip for Lopamudra Mitra and her musician friends in Nepal, experienced a great loss due to the massive earthquake. Lopamudra said, “ It was a plan to support Eknath. He became a friend during our trip in Nepal. I felt very upset to know about his loss. It’s a very small contribution meant for him. I requested PRSI to initiate this concert that we could support him mainly.”

                         Lopamudra Mitra & Joy Sarkar performing in a concert for Nepal

Joy said, “ It’s just a try to support a person who is highly effected in the recent earthquake in Nepal. Music was the only and best medium through which we could support the cause the best way . The money that was collected from the sale of passes contributed to Eknath’s family.”

                                       Lopamudra Mitra performing at the event

Soumyajit Mahapatra, Chairman, PRSI, said, “ We have contributed One Lac  rupees to Eknath Panth’s family which was collected out of sale of passes, donations received from our members. Lopamudra also contributed a portion of amount collected from the sale of her two audio CDs Vandemataram and Khoma Karo Prabhu (Rabindrasangeet).”

                                     Handing over the cheque of contribution

  Lopamudra Mitra sang a few songs composed by Joy as Jao Pakhi, De Re Na Na, Chhelebelar Brishti besides a few Rabindrasangeet as Tomay Gaan Shonabo and so on. Interestingly, Joy accompanied her after five long years for this special musical evening.

What’s more ? It is Tranquil Trip's association as a cause partner. They are providing a special tour package in Nepal out of which tourists would get a good amount of discount and 1 % of their total transaction till 30 April 2016 will be donated to Nepal development.