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New Bollywood Indian Hindi Movie Poster Ishq Ne Krazy Kiya Re

Mumbai, Oct 5, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio) Love, Romance, Aashiqui are all different words but for decades and centuries, the way of expressing love has always been music. Be it Mughal e Azam, where K. Asif created an epic love story with music and dance or be it Barfi where music was the only language of communicating their love.

Adi is a passionate and talented singer, who believes music is God. He is sure that till he doesn't get his love he will search for it. On the other hand Ritu is a career oriented girl, who believes she won't search for her love but her love will search for her, itself.

New Bollywood Indian Hindi Movie Poster Ishq Ne Krazy Kiya Re

Adi being a great singer and a passionate musician, has become the most promising contender of Indian Icon, the most popular singing reality show. It is just not his great singing skills but also his witty humor and cool looks that made him a blue eyed boy in the eyes of Producer Esha and a heart throb favorite of India.

One fine day on his flight to Mumbai from Delhi, Adi is mesmerized by Ritu, a beautiful girl from Agra. The brisk and witty encounter created spark between them. Though Ritu was a bit agitated in the beginning, but soon during the journey, Ritu finds Adi as a charmer and falls for him. Soon she discovers about his stardom and starts loving him even more for his grounded attitude. Small musical and naughty concurrences between them made their love affair stronger which was completely intolerable by Esha. She believed money and success can bring any guy to her. She always wanted to have Adi with herself for lust and not for love.

At Adi's Birthday party, Esha expresses her lust cum love for Adi by kissing him at a lonely place, but to Adi's bad luck, Ritu spots them. A few other incidents and unexpected moments create a wall of misunderstanding between the two. Ritu is completely hurt but her love for Adi and his melodious voice does not let her forget Adi.

Ritu's friend and room mates Antra, Tanya and Mansi tell Ritu to forget Adi, but Ritu who has grown up listening to the great love stories of Shahjahan and Mumtaz in the city of Taj. Believes in the magic of love. Seeing Ritu's trust on love and Adi Antra Tanya and Mansi(ATM) decide to help Ritu and explains her that Esha is the real trouble between them. They decide to get Adi back to Ritu's life but on provided conditions. Now starts an interesting game of musical romance... where Ritu becomes a riddle, Esha is puzzled and Adi is caught up in the middle.

Adi is now stuck in between. On one side he has his passion i.e. Music which takes him to Esha and on the other side his lady luck and the love for his life, Ritu.

Will Adi choose music or his love?

Will he be able to win both his love and career without losing anything in bargain...

The questions would be answered in the crazy musical romantic flick "Ishq Ne Krazy Kiya Re". The release date is October 30, 2015.

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Ishq Ne Krazy Kiya Re
The Characters

Ishq Ne Krazy Kiya Re
Character Sketches

Aditya (Hero) -
Aditya is a simple guy who had left his graduation in between because of his madness for recognition. His funda was very clear, a person has to be recognized wherever he goes or travels. He was good on stage from his childhood and always wanted to become a luminary. He left Ambala and came to Mumbai to fulfil his dream to become a singing sensation. His inherent talent was never appreciated in his family as his Brigadier father Paramveer Gill always wanted him to be in the army to serve the country. But his mother Kuljeet always supported her son’s desire. As, Aditya reached an age, his skills paid off and now he is the most promising contender for the “Indian Icon” – Season 6.

Ritu (Heroine) -
Ritu is a girl next door, very simple studious and caring. After her MBA she moved to Mumbai from Agra and now is working as a sales executive in multinational company. Being born and brought-up in agra and listening to the romantic history of Taj Mahal she too believes in true love. She fantasies about love and is waiting for her prince charming. Her mother Sumitra is a professor in Agra’s college and has no objection to Ritu’s staying all alone in Mumbai… she is pretty sure about Ritu’s aptitude and ability. Ritu is sharing a plush apartment in Mumbai with her three friends, Antra, Tanya and Mansi better known as A.T.M.

Esha (Producer) -
 Esha has a record of producing number of super hit shows on Television; she is seductive, smart and a great opportunist. She loves to be in the company of good looking boys. Her recent crush is Anshul and she could go to any extent to get him.

G.G. – Garry Gomes (Fashion Photographer) -
G.G. is a funny and witty guy with great sense of humour. He has made a name in Bollywood Industry by his photographic skills. At present he is handling the show of Indian Icon and because of it, he has become the closest to aditya. He keeps giving his advises and tips and being a seasoned and experienced person in the film fraternity Aditya respect his opinion and suggestions.

Antra (Ritu’s best friend) -
Antra.. she is Delhi based girl, after her graduation she moved to Mumbai. Being good-looking, smart, and talkative she managed to grab a job as a lobby manager in a seven star hotel. She always likes to be a center of attraction and almost succeded in that. She has a wealthy rich boyfriend who is mad about her. Antra is just waiting for the moment when her elder sister gets married. She is sharing the apartment with Ritu.

Tanya (Ritu’s Friend) -
Tanya is a very innovative and bubbly girl, she loves, food, fun and friends. She is working with a renowned fashion designer like Ritu Kumar and looking after his franchise. She too shares the apartment with Ritu and Antra.

Mansi (Ritu’s Friend) -
Mansi is an attractive, smart intelligent girl from Mangalore, work as an air hostess in a renowned airlines. She has a great repot with Ritu, Antra, Tanya, Mansi, they are inseparable. Her friends love her because she always brings variety of gifts for them.

Maggi: (The sex bomb) -
 Maggi is a head turner. Her attitude, way of interacting and elegance of the body attracts each and every one present around. She is simply described as Bold & Beautiful.

Ishq Ne Krazy Kiya Re
Cast & Credits

Primary Cast
MUGHDA GODSE  - A reality Show Producer
NISHANT - A rockstar in making
MADHURIMA  -  A girl completely in LOVE

Supporting Cast

•    Neelu Kohli                 : Heroine's mother
•    Shaurya chauhan       : Heroine's Friend
•    Aslam Khan                : Hero's Friend
•    Taniya abrol                : Heroine's Friend
•    Ritu Chauhan              : Heroine's Friend
•    Richa shrivastava        : Heroine's friend
•    Lalit Pandit                  : As Lalit Pandit
•    Shravan Kumar           : Indian Icon Judge
•    Sameer sen                   : Indian Icon Judge
•    Sharon Prabhakar        : Indian Icon Judge
•    Shivraj Walvekar          : Channel Head
•    Kareem Hazee              : Heroine's Boss

Audio Songs / Music Tracklist and songs
Song-1:  Tu paas itne  mere……
Music  : Altaf Sayyed
Lyrics : Atiya Sayyed
Singers : Altaf Sayyed
Choreographer  : Raju Khan

Song-2:   Ishq Achha lagata Hai

Music  : Tarun rishi
Lyrics : Kulwant Garaia
Singer  : Sreerama Chandra
Choreographer : Raju  Khan         

Song-3:  Tadpaave Ishq Main

Music  : Altaaf Sayyed
Lyrics  : Atiya Sayyed
Singer  : Sreerama Chandra, Palak Muchhal
Choreographer : Raju Khan

Song-4:  Tu Dua Hai Dua
Music  : Rishi Sidharth
Lyrics  : Ravi Basnet
Singer  : Mohd. Irfan
Choreographer : Raju Khan
Song-5:  Tere bin nahi rehna

Miusic  : Tarun Rishi
Lyrics  :  Tarun  Rishi
Singer   : Krishna Beura, Shruti Pathak
 Choreographer  : Pappu Maloo

Song-6:  Young Young lounde kharab kar gayee

Musics :  Meet bros Anjjan
Lyrics :  Kumar
Singer     :  Meet bros & Jankee
Choreographer & Video :  Directorgifty             

Song-7:  Kuch Din se ik Junoon hai Bakhuda…

Miusic  : Lalit Pandit    
Lyrics  :  Sameer Anjan
Singer  : Amitabh Narayan,
Choreographer  : Raju Khan
Credits of Ishq ne… Krazzy Kiya Re
•    Produced by :  Nalanda RSG Films  production pvt Ltd.                                                                                                 
•    Producer :  Santosh Katara, Radhey shyam Sharma & Alok Singh
•    Director+ Editor :  Naresh Malhotra
•    Music Director    :  Lalit Pandit, Meet Bros Anjjan, Altaaf Sayyed, Tarun Rishi, Rishi sidharth
•    Lyrics Writer :  Sameer Anjaan, Kumar ,Tarun Rishi, Kulwant Garaia, Ravi Basnet, Atiya Sayyed
•    Choreographer    :  Raju Khan, Pappu Malu
•    Writer    :  Tanveer Khan
•    DOP :  Raju K.G.   
•    Art Director :  Asad Khan .