Kolkata based musician Abhisekh Basu merges Ancient and Modern Music through Vedatronics

Kolkata, September 12, 2015 (Washington Bangla Radio):  Recently Kolkata based Musician Abhishekh Basu (known for being the music director of feature films Britto ) and his musical troop conjured a spell binding performance at a lounge bar in Kolkata. The presentation titled ‘Vedatronics’ brought together ancient and modern instrumentation to form an unconventional mixology of music.

The show saw Avik Ganguly handling Keyboards, VST Set Up, Dub Step & Digital Sound Mixer and Arrangement. Koyel Dasgupta Naha who is an Exponent Classical Singer of Bishnupur & Kirana Gharana lend voice to some Classical Vocal numbers.

                                             Team Vedatronics

She was accompanied by Sayantan Bhowmick who contributed with Classical & Sufi Vocal. Subholina Sen came up with some energetic Western Vocals, Harmonizer and  Vedic Chants. Soumojyoti Ghosh  tuned in with Flute while Anup Chatterjee showed skill with Saxophone and English Flute. Sunny Bhattacharya was in charge of Bass & Effects.

                                      Koyel Dasgupta Naha

Abhisekh Basu said on the occasion, “VEDA-TRONICS" bridges the gap between primal and futuristic. Setting themselves apart with their intoxicating sound and extraordinary live performances, they take the audience on a soul inspiring journey that transcends this world, tantalizes the senses, and moves the body with waves of pulsating rhythm.”

                                        Abhishekh Basu at the performance

About the genre of this unconventional music, Abhisekh said, “This genre is often labeled as ’electro-acoustic psychedelic world dance music’ and is driven by the ancient sound of the
tabla, pakhawaj, tribal drums and percussion, and the human voice. These elements
are fused with modern instruments and technology to create a diverse sound ranging
from intense polyrhythmic rock-n-roll, to ambient melodic meanderings, to trance-like
pulses found in modern electronic dance/groove music.”

                                       Chandan Chatterjee

“We are also implementing themes of higher  consciousness, philosophy, connectivity, peace, and universal archetypes merge with Influences from folklore, various mythologies and religion, nature, fantasy, art, and other mystical elements to propagate inspiring messages through our presenations.” added Abhisekh.  

                                            Shubholina Sen

The list of musical Instruments was long as it contained Tabla, Pakhawaj, Handsoinc (Japanese electronic instrument), Darbukka (Egyptian drum), Djembe (African drum), Kanjira (South Indian instrument), Beat Boxing& Konnakol. In the performance u will find , mix of Trance,  dub step & psychedelic world music with indian classical too, along with middle eastern  drumming, afro-cuban rhythms & vedic mantra meditation music.

Abhisekh also promised to include different performing arts like body painting , ramp walk, fashion show in his project

Reporting by Jyoti Prakash Mandal

Photo: Biswajit Saha