Cast And Crew Of Roar Encountered Across Fresh Tiger Pug Marks Wherever They Were Shooting

Kolkata, October 20, 2014, (Washington Bangla Radio):According to the makers, shooting for Roar: Tigers Of The Sundarbans itself was filled with multiple adventures. Says producer Abis Rizvi, "Only 20 percent of the Sundarbans area is under the ambit of the Indian Government and they are very skeptical about opening it up for tourism as they want to protect the delicate ecological balance there, not to mention, their famous (and dangerous) inhabitants.


It was here that the crew which shot for the film learned to become one with nature and accept Mother Nature's fury and benevolence. Agrees director Kamal Sadanah, "We worked in accordance with the laws and norms there as we were in a place that belonged to a host of other inhabitants. Every where we went, we would see fresh pug marks." The crew knew these were fresh because the tide comes in and immerses everything every six hours there,so if anyone spotted tiger pug marks, they had to be only a few hours old.


We hear that Abis and Kamal have succeeded in capturing these dangers and travails and translating them into a film with some of the best VFX effects that Bollywood has ever seen. Considering they have roped in one the best DOPs (director of photography) in Hollywood Michael Watson (Skyline, Curious Case Of Benjamin Button) for the flick, it is definitely going to make for an interesting watch.