Movie Preview: “Asbo aar ekdin” ; A thought stirring quest for the body and soul

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal / WBRINN
ashbo arekdin preview
Abhijit Das Gupta,after a fabulous debut with ‘Dityop Basanta’ is ready to present his new Bengali film “Asbo aar ekdin”.

With this film he presents a story of aspirations, broken Mayfair’s and utopist isolations within an urban upper middle class checker board of human existence which is commonly known as family. Here the family in focus comprises of Sujata (Aloka Nanda Roy), his son Sunil (Arindam Sil), daughter-in-law Chandana(Roopa Ganguly), daughter Meera (Swastika Mukherjee) and Anwar (Gaurav Chakrabarty) whom Sunil and Chandana had adopted long back.

Meera the daintily delightful but diligent daughter of the family works in an office and has a passion for theatre. At the theatre circle she  meets Karan (Abir Chatterjee), a Punjabi Guy. Karan smart and suave man is born and brought up in a loveable Punjabi Household within the very fringe of Kolkata. Meera and Karan gradually fall in love and over the course of time both families accept their relation quite amicably and they get married.

Sujata, Anwar’s grandmother and the lady of the household spends most of her time praying for the goodwill of the family. Sujata had initially resented Anwar’s presence in the family but now she treats her lovingly as her own grandson.

Chandana, Anwar’s mother dotes over her son. Meera and Anwar are more like her own siblings since there isn’t much age difference between them. Chandana is the ideal mother who knows the preferences of each
member of her family.

Sunil, Chandana’s husband, a senior executive of a multinational farm who not only remains busy is business but also at the same time knows how to make hay for his family while the sun shines. He is an Ideal father and a beloved husband.

Anwar lives his life in his own way. He has got a loving family, a bunch of vibrant friends but still he is in search of something that no one understands, not even himself. In life he is as simple as any other college going student, who loves going out with his friends, he too has got a lovely girl, Kuhu (Ridhima Ghosh) to love but still is
confused about his preferences in life. Kuhu comes to play an important part in his life. Kuhu loves to sing and loves to do that more when Anwar is around. She dreams to be a singer and has already started showing her potentiality.

In the course of the story these characters will be seen suffering one crisis or another. Their crisis makes them face the litmus test and find an answer to the ultimate question i.e. “How important is metaphysical to the existence of physical?” or”Which is more important among body and the soul ?”

Written and produced by Dr.Kalyan Bose,  Aashbo Aar Ekdin promises to be an an intense family drama which delves into the intricacies of family life, love and more. A poignant love story set against the backdrop of a well-knit family, the film’s promises to connect with both the youth as well as the aged. According to the makers Aashbo Aar Ekdin is also inspiring and motivational in its true sense as the story deals with religion, society and above all humanism and dignity of mankind.

The film, apart from a nice concept has Barun Mukherjee as the lens man who is known for his contribution to  Bollywood flicks like ‘Babul’ ‘Baghban’. The music of the film has been composed by leading Bengal Band
Chandrabindoo and Indradeep Dasgupta and is expected to be another high point of the film.