Premiere report and Movie Review: New Kolkata Bangla Movie ‘Ek Megh, Ek Rodh, Ek Bristi’

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

Ek Megh, ek odh, ek bristi premiere

Kolkata, October 24 (Washington Bangla Radio): Bengali film “Ek megh, Ek Rodh, Ek Bristi” which premiered at Nandan is a story about the love life of a poet and has modern poems as the story building instrument of the film. The poems have been arranged in such a manner so as to give a formation of a story. The story is about how the poet shared his life with his girlfriend. The poet remembers about his past life in his advanced years. While driving a car or while looking through the looking glass, the poet remembers his girlfriend. All the eight stories are derived from the eight poems written by the poet. They are different from each other and each has a different feeling to convey.

The film which may sound poetic is not well executed on screen. The eight stories are structured in a haphazard manner and it is very difficult for the assembled audience in the hall to understand them. The direction is naïve and the camera angles are amateurish. The editing and the effects given to the film are also substandard. The biggest problem that the director Archan Aditya fails to do is to properly arrange the poems in the film. This makes the film haphazard in its presentation. The audience will have a hard time to understand the flow of the events. Too much use of stock pictures to show the city of Kolkata does not help much.

The cast of the film i.e. Archan Aditya, Saptamita Basu, Amrita Chatterjee does not help much to make the film watchable. They are either too stocky or too loud for comfort.

The songs in the film have been sung by Kumar Sanu, Raghab Chattejee, Anuradha, Debasish Basu and Miss Rita. The songs are better than the film and are bearable. “Tumi Ki keboli chobi”, “Neel gogoner lolatkhani” or “Oi k je amai phire daake” are pleasing for the ears. The item song “Ei nishi mayabi rate” in the film could have been avoided. The title song “Ek megh, ek rodh, ek bristi” means the rainbow of colors. “The songs in the film all reflect the various moods of the poet and also his feelings about love. I have tried to give music which will be fitting to show the varied emotions of the poet in the film.” said music director Bob Chakraborty at the premiere show.

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Saptamita Basu who has acted in Oriya, Bhojpuri films felt it to be a great opportunity to be working in a film with a different taste. “The treatment is different and unique. After having worked in a number of commercial films, this is a welcome break from the films. I am grateful to the director Archan Aditya for giving me the chance to act in this film” said the actress. 

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Ek Megh, ek rodh, ek bristi could have been a better film. The concept behind the film was good but due to poor execution, the film could not infuse feelings of love for the film in the hearts of the audience.

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