New Bangla Movie Phoring : Movie Review, Poster, Trailer; Very matured acting by young actors

By Awrko Roy/WBRINN

bangla movie phoring

Kolkata, October 24 (Washington Bangla Radio): Infatuations, sweet crushes, sexual attractions have always been a part of our life. It is the time that shoves away all the extremities of such feelings but we cannot forget those memories throughout our life. Phoring is a movie which explores the transformation during adolescence period. It gives the audience the feel of sweet memories associated with our teenage. The Bengali industry is surely going to get another good director with this film. Phoring is a movie which is made on the context of intermingling of love and innocence.

The film is directed by Indranil Roy Chowdhury and produced by Chitrabeekshan Audio Visual PVT LTD. The film stars Sohini Sarkar, Ritwick Chakraborty, Dwijen Bandhopadhay, and Shankar Debnath. The film introduces a young talent in form of Akash Goswami who plays the part of the central character called Phoring.

The film relates the story of a young boy named as Phoring who feels that he is isolated from the world of love and affections. Love seems to be a fairy tale object to him. In the midst of this so called life, Phoring tries to break the jinx and wants to break shackles. It is through his teacher that he gets the glimpse of adulthood which starts a transformation in him. Thus his waves of imagination and fantasies open up a new chapter in his life which revolves round his teacher only.

The film is well carved by the director. Both the halves of the film are treated on a different projection. The first half deals with the infatuation, innocence and the aspirations of young life but the second half deals with transformation in the boy which takes him to the zones of adulthood. The confusions and the immature mindset in a young boy are shown in a well executed manner.

All the actors perform naturally. Sohini justifies the role of the sweet teacher. Her gestures and acting ability are well manipulated by the director. He always performs on the screen. The other actors also performed well but it is Akash who by his innocence and immature look brings the freshness in the film. The songs are well utilized. The well placed humors and the wit bring comic relief just when they are needed.  The voice over where Akash talks with god is one of the high points of the film. The pace of the film is a bit slow but it never drags the film to the point of being dull.

Today many new directors are working on many subjects with their different treatment. Phoring too gets added to the list. The Bengali industry is changing day by day and so is the pattern of the story telling in the films. Phoring definitely contributes to that transition.

Phoring Official Theatrical Trailer (You Tube)