Mukti (2013): Movie Review, Poster, Trailer; Young actor Rajdeep shines in the movie

By Sayan Roy Chaudhury  / WBRINN

tollywood actress rituparna sengupta

Kolkata, October 23 (Washington Bangla Radio): Tollywood Diva Rituparna Sengupta is portraying a completely different role in each of her film for the past few years. In her latest film ‘Mukti’, she has again pulled off an unconventional role.

Directed by Reshmi Mitra, ‘Mukti’ is a story of a teacher named Nayanika (Rituparna Sengupta). Nayanika is a caring and loving wife to Sukalyan (Silajit). Sukalyan is a script-writer who is eyeing to make films in near future. Nayanika, though tries her best to keep her marital life on the roll, Sukalyan is too ignorant about Nayanika. Most of the time he remains sunk into his own world of ideas and though he loves his wife, he almost stops caring about the marital needs of Nayanika.

In the meantime Nayanika finds solace in one of her students named Arko (Rajdeep Ghosh).  Rajdeep has a very disturbing family background and keeps himself isolated from the rest of his folks. Arko, the eleventh standard student was ragged and insulted by other student and so Nayanika tried to input confidence and personality into him. Arka too wanted to take tuitions from Nayanika and while doing so he got closer to her. Both get into an affair, an affair which cannot be thought of in Bengali society. Where this affair leads is shown in the rest of the film.

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Rituparna is quite good in the film. She portrays her multi-layered character very well. She is just as natural as the caring wife and better as the teacher. Her chemistry with Rajdeep could have been better but the lack of chemistry may be quite intentional to bring out the feeling that non-equal relationships always have something missing in them.

poster sexy rituparna sengupta

Silajit as Sukalayan plays her role effortlessly. He has sketched his transformation from a trance-prone script writer to an eminent filmmaker quite brilliantly. Monami Ghosh also played her part well as the strong willed actor who never wants to lose her ground.

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But one actor who has proved himself is young Rajdeep. He is brilliant as the shy and introvert teenager. He brilliantly balances his act of coyness and calls of his body. This film is surely going to be a huge leap forward in his career.

Overall Mukti is a good film to watch. Reshmi Mitra should be given credit for executing such a theme so well. Though there are some sequences which had a lot of scope of being executed in a better manner, the audience will still love to watch what the director has presented them.   

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